Cloud technology

Flexibility and innovation power in the cloud

As an organisation, you need to use the innovation power and flexibility of technology platforms in the cloud to keep up with the speed of market developments. Older platforms are often simply unable to keep up with this new reality. Your clients expect a seamless, straightforward and unambiguous experience with your organisation. At the same time, you have to deal with changes in regulation and the increasing competitive pressure of new, emerging cloud-native players. 

To handle these expectations and changes, the transformation to modern cloud platforms and solutions is crucial. With our knowledge and experience with cloud strategy and transformation tracks we are able to realise this business transformation together with your organisation. Together we come to very innovative technology solutions, where your clients can instantly respond to changing market demands without having to compromise on security and compliance.

With our knowledge and experience in cloud strategy and transformation projects, we can realize this business transformation with you. We know you, your industry and specific regulations well, allowing us to implement cloud solutions faster and better through more focus on user adoption. Together, this allows us to create innovative technology solutions that allow your customers to respond directly to changing market demands without compromising on security and compliance.

Flexibility and innovation power in the cloud

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Accelerate your business transformation

Strengthen the client experience, streamline your operational processes and control your costs and risks. Your focus is on increasing revenue and strengthening your innovation power with the help of cloud solutions. We help you to transform your business so that you get quicker results.

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Do more than migration

You can do more than ‘just’ a migration to a cloud solution. To take full advantage of cloud capabilities, we help you develop a strategic and organisation-wide transformation plan. We help you with a radically different approach to your talent, culture, architecture and governance, so that you can work in the cloud successfully.

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Empower digital innovation

With cloud innovation you can reinvent and improve your client experiences. We help you to strengthen your business with new cloud solutions. The development of these solutions has taken a giant leap forward and continues to develop at full speed. For the application of these technologies in your organisation, a seamless transformation with your existing system is essential. We have knowledge of the latest technology applications, cloud service providers, and together with your teams we ensure an optimal alignment with your existing IT infrastructure. In this regard, we closely collaborate with worldwide alliances of the most important technology companies.

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Digital Transformation Talks - leading the digital future

As a technology leader, you play an increasingly important role in the change process and digital transformation of your organization. With change and increasingly sophisticated technology, innovation is a given. After all, ICT and innovation are closely linked. It is therefore quite obvious that technology leaders are becoming more engaged in executive-level business decisions and are sharing their visions and ideas about both technology and innovation. PwC organizes 'Digital Transformation Talks'. During these 'Talks' you have the opportunity to exchange experiences, to gain knowledge and to expand your personal network. The topics we discuss in the sessions are relevant strategic governance themes, to help you create a sustainable role - 'Leading the future of digital'.

So, are you a technology leader within your organization and do you sit on the executive board or report directly to a board member? Send an email to for more information.

Digital Transformation Talks - leading the digital future

This is how PwC can support you

Cloud strategy and transformation

Scaling up cloud applications has implications for many parts of your organisation. Your IT department will focus on the technical aspects and the migration and legacy systems to the cloud. However, your Finance, Risk, HR, Compliance, Security and operational departments will need to be involved to make the transformation a success. A cloud strategy and an organisation-wide transformation plan is crucial. With our holistic approach, your organisation can realise the full potential of the cloud and meet the many transformation challenges with care. 

End-to-end cloud transformation

PwC has the in-house expertise to help you with your cloud strategy, the design of IT solutions, roadmapping and the actual implementation. We help you with an effective and controlled end-to-end cloud transformation. We start with a thorough analysis of how the cloud can add value for your organisation. Following that we help you with a holistic approach and strategy based on the needs of your organisation and your clients. In doing so, we ensure organisational alignment with each part and domain in your organisation that is affected. 

PwC’s approach for cloud strategy combines a technical perspective with a controlled business transformation. 

This is how PwC can support you

  • We develop a strong business case for cloud. We help you with formulating a cloud strategy, a well-considered transformation plan and the execution of a well thought-out roadmap. 
  • We evaluate cloud service providers and cloud solutions. We help you to find the provider and solution that suits your goals and aligns with your IT architecture. 
  • We mitigate the risks of the cloud. We help you with developing operating practices for the security and governance of your cloud environment. 

Cloud governance

Your cloud environment requires optimal governance, so that you can handle the risk and compliance challenges. Being in control means alignment across the shared responsibilities of the cloud service providers, the application team and the IT contract owners. We help you with the setup and automation of a Cloud Governance Framework and the setup of Policy-as-Code. We are also pleased to help you use this Policy-as-code to implement organisation standards. For instance with the configuration of resources and the compliance with regulatory requirements. With the results that follow, you can be continuously verifiable in control of your cloud environment. 

Change management for the cloud 

The speed and scalability of the cloud means that (Biz)DevOps-teams themselves are able to develop and manage IT resources. To take full advantage of the capabilities of the cloud, it is important to, among others, to take a closer look at things, including the change management and governance, to accelerate cloud adoption. 

This is how PwC can support you

  • We develop your Cloud Governance Framework.
  • We align with the cloud service provider, the application team and the IT contract owners on the Shared Responsibility model.
  • We implement a Policy-as-Code.
  • We adjust change management and governance to take optimal advantage of the speed and scalability of cloud.

Cloud applications

We use cloud applications to innovate our services. For example:

  • Data analysis of your HR data for policy substantiation
  • Quantitative analysis of your financial and tax position on the Financial Drawing Board 
  • Automated analysis of text files, applied in the financial sector, among others 
  • Compilation of contract database consisting of hundreds contracts using artificial intelligence

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