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From storage to progress: be transformative with cloud technology

The dynamic development of cloud and data technologies is the driving force behind an unprecedented digital transformation. It is changing traditional business models and, in turn, the competitive landscape. The boundless possibilities offer tremendous opportunities, but effectively harnessing these technologies can be challenging and exciting at the same time.

Flexibility and innovation power in the cloud

More than migration - redefine your organisation

A cloud transformation begins with a solid foundation and a clear focus on desired outcomes. Whether your goals are to accelerate the adoption of GenAI, strengthen your enterprise's security, or create transactional value, our role is to assist in the rapid and effective transformation of your organisation.

Mindset change for long-term transformation

To be successful in this digital era, a fundamental mindset change is required. It is not just about cloud migration; sustainably transforming your organisation is also crucial for lasting success in the future. We strive to unlock the full potential of the cloud. This way, your enterprise not only adapts to the new digital environment but also benefits the internal organisation.

Define where you want to go with cloud technology

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Cloud-driven organisation 

Harnessing the innovation power and flexibility of technology platforms in the cloud is essential to keep up with rapid market developments. Older platforms often lag behind this new reality. Your customers expect a simple and consistent experience. At the same time, you must deal with changing regulations and increasing competitive pressure from new players, the so-called cloud natives, in your market. A move to the cloud means not only a technological shift but also a strategic move towards the future that enables your organisation to innovate and grow.

What are your top priorities?

Accelerate your business transformation

Strengthen the client experience, streamline your operational processes and control your costs and risks. Your focus is on increasing revenue and strengthening your innovation power with the help of cloud solutions. We help you to transform your business so that you get quicker results.

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Do more than migration

You can do more than ‘just’ a migration to a cloud solution. To take full advantage of cloud capabilities, we help you develop a strategic and organisation-wide transformation plan. We help you with a radically different approach to your talent, culture, architecture and governance, so that you can work in the cloud successfully.

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Empower digital innovation

With cloud innovation you can reinvent and improve your client experiences. We help you to strengthen your business with new cloud solutions. The development of these solutions has taken a giant leap forward and continues to develop at full speed. For the application of these technologies in your organisation, a seamless transformation with your existing system is essential. We have knowledge of the latest technology applications, cloud service providers, and together with your teams we ensure an optimal alignment with your existing IT infrastructure. In this regard, we closely collaborate with worldwide alliances of the most important technology companies.

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Cloud and digital transformation solutions 

Connect the business 'why' with the technological 'how' to achieve your business objectives, powered by cloud and digital. Learn more about our end-to-end solutions in the following areas:

Strategy and transformation

We are committed to renewing your approach to the cloud and supporting you in achieving your business objectives. We demonstrate how digital cloud solutions can add value to your business operations. We also help identify which systems are suitable for the cloud and what it requires from your organisational capabilities. Our integrated approach includes creating a business ecosystem, selecting the right cloud providers, managing risks, and executing and evaluating the transformation.

Technology and Cloud operations

By leveraging cloud technologies, we accelerate development and innovation with GenAI, improve data quality, and utilise innovative technologies. In collaboration with our specialists and technological partners, we redefine your entire technological infrastructure to create sustainable value. Our commitment does not stop there. We also strive to shape a renewed organisation with enhanced capabilities and a robust technology ecosystem.

Application and data modernisation

With our solutions for application modernisation, you can transform outdated systems using modern cloud-native architectures. This strengthens flexibility and scalability within your business processes. Our data modernisation strategies provide opportunities for your company to harness the potential of AI and machine learning, resulting in smarter and higher-performing customer experiences.

Optimisation of data strategy

An effective and enterprise-wide data strategy creates significant value for your business. This includes accelerating decision-making processes and operations, as well as unlocking new opportunities to monetise your data assets. Your cloud-driven data strategy can also drive the adoption of advanced technologies such as GenAI. We are committed to working with you to determine the most suitable technologies and cloud service providers. Their implementation will enhance your data capabilities and help implement the essential infrastructure and governance.

Strengthen your market share with business cloud solutions

Differentiate your business from the competition. Our industry-specific cloud solutions are designed to achieve specific and valuable business outcomes for your organisation. By combining industry expertise from our network with strong tech partnerships, we support you in maximising the benefits of your digital transformation. With our cloud solutions, we offer real-time significant impact for your business.

Cloud and Managed Services

We help you manage your business-critical functions through our cloud and managed services. By creating synergy between our cloud experts and your internal teams, we strive to develop innovative and personalised cloud solutions. Domains such as IT, finance, risk management, taxation, and compliance are integrated to create value at every level of the organisation. 

We provide support for your transformation process, bridge the skills gap, and identify new value creation opportunities by continuously innovating within the cloud.

Our technology alliances

Our technology alliances

Collaborating to transform businesses

We work hand in hand to innovate organisations. We collaborate with leading technology providers such as AWS, Google, Microsoft, and others. By combining our specialised knowledge with the innovative technologies of our partners, we assist companies in addressing their most urgent business challenges.

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Digital Transformation Talks - future-proof in the digital world

As a technology leader, you play an increasingly important role in the change process and digital transformation of your organisation. With the changes and ever-advancing technology, innovation is a constant. ICT and innovation are closely connected. It is therefore understandable that technology leaders are becoming more involved in business decisions at the executive level and sharing their vision and ideas about technology and innovation. Especially for technology leaders of large organisations in the Netherlands, PwC organises 'Digital Transformation Talks'. During these 'Talks', you have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other technology leaders in an open and trusted environment, gain knowledge, and expand your personal network. The topics we discuss in the sessions are relevant strategic governance themes to help you create a sustainable role - 'Leading the future of digital'.

Are you a technology leader within your organisation and member of the board of directors or report directly to a board member? Please send an email to for more information.

Digital Transformation Talks - leading the digital future

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