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'Companies are paying attention to the public and political debate about fiscality. And directors have now definitely realised the importance of a transparent fiscal strategy.’ Marc Diepstraten

PwC is able to make a difference because we have specialised fiscal know-how about hundreds of jurisdictions throughout the world.

PwC wants to built trust in society and play its part in resolving important issues. This is our purpose and guiding principle for everything we do and how we messure/determine our succes.

'With the advancement of technology, data and analytical capabilities, the Tax Function of the Future will look surprisingly different from today’s'

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The impact of the Hamamatsu-case under the Union Customs Code

The impact of the Hamamatsu-case under the Union Customs Code

Companies that are using transfer prices as the basis for your customs valuation, are advised to review whether and/or how their transfer prices can be an acceptable basis for the customs value and furthermore review whether it given the situation now is advisable, even required to contact the customs authorities to agree the method of determining the customs value on the basis of transfer prices subject to retrospective adjustments.

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