Deal Modelling

Greater insight, better decisions

When you need to make a decision about an acquisition or carve-out and the related financing, you have to know precisely where you stand financially. And you are not the only one. Your stakeholders also need to have confidence in the financial projections that underpin your plans. The projections generated by our excellent and flexible deal modelling tool provide insight and inspire confidence.


Flexible models that hold their value after a deal

Our models will provide you with a detailed understanding of financial projections and the risks and possibilities of your plans by generating clear visual output based on KPIs and sensitivities you consider to be important. We will help you identify the value drivers specific to your business and then incorporate them in the model. We will also ensure that the model is flexible enough to accommodate varying scenarios. So far from being an expendable resource limited to a particular deal, the modelling tool is a sound investment that will provide you with greater insight that enables better business decisions for a long time to come.

How we can help

We combine our in-depth knowledge of modelling in Excel, accounting and tax issues and the requirements of your business and provide you with a practical and robust forecasting model that will help you:

  • Demonstrate value and growth potential to interested investors (sell-side)
  • Be better prepared for price negotiations when buying (buy-side)
  • Give financiers well-founded confidence (refinancing)
  • Reduce the risk of errors in your own financial model (model review)

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