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Helping you make better decisions

You make decisions that affect the future of your business on a daily basis. Financial models are used to support almost every critical business decision. It is essential that you have confidence in your financial models.

We design and deliver best-in-class financial models tailored to your business’ needs and use our bespoke model review methodology to provide the comfort you need to make better decisions

With access to PwC’s Global Network we can bring the right team of industry experts and other specialist advisors to the table

When can we can help

  • Acquisitions (sell-side & buy-side)
  • Joint ventures
  • Refinancing
  • Carve-out / divestitures
  • Distressed / option analysis
Business as usual
  • Strategic planning and forecasting
  • Budgeting and management forecasting
  • Short-term cash flow forecasting / liquidity management 

How we can help

Model build

In a typical model build project we adhere to our modelling best practices and follow a structured and interactive process to ensure a successful model build together with you.

Modelling best practices:

Model structure

A model is structured in a robust, logical way to convert inputs into a reasonable set of financial forecasts

Capture key drivers

A model should capture key drivers to arrive at the outputs required by the users

Flexibility and ease of use

A model should be flexible with the ability to adjust inputs dynamically and perform sensitivities and scenarios

Enable decision support

A model should be a tool to support decision making of our clients

Six phases in a model build process

  Phase Key question to answer Purpose
1 Scoping What is the aim of the model? Understanding your needs
2 Specification What does the model blueprint look like? Provide clarity
3 Design What should the outputs of the model look like? Embed usage in the organisation
4 Build Does this work? Create a fit for purpose model
5 Test Is this what you expect? A happy client
6 Handover Do you need further guidance or training? Embed usage in the organisation

Model Review

A full review of model mechanics with additional focus on commercial considerations and reliance of model outcomes

Purpose: ensure that models are reliable and robust

Download: Modelling Centre of Excellence

Reliance on review methodology and procedures

Financing banks or potential buyers might require reliance on the review procedures performed, to increase levels of comfort that the model works correctly

Non-technical considerations and discussions

Typically, we perform our model review on the technical components, but also engage in discussions on commercial and deal considerations with our clients

Answer key questions
  • Do our review procedures give rise to concern on the integrity of the model
  • Is the model the best tool to answer the question of our client?
  • Can you rely on the outcomes of the model?

Model Health Check

A targeted, fast and cost effective review approach prioritising the high-risk and high-complexity sections of the model

Purpose: present key model insights

Download: Modelling Centre of Excellence

Assess error vulnerability

Understand the likelihood of error and identify opportunities to reduce it through best practices

Unlock new insights

Demystify a model’s logic and flow, unlocking meaningful insights and perspectives

Answer key questions
  • Are key calculations working properly?
  • Is it fit-for-purpose? Too complex? Not complex enough?
  • Am I missing any important commercial considerations? 

Model Training

We can add to your in-house expertise by creating centres of modelling excellence within your organisation, enhancing the modelling and analytical skills and establishing your modelling standards and best practices. Trainings can be fully tailored to your needs. 

Download: Modelling Centre of Excellence

Modelling expertise

Vast experience in building and reviewing (financial) models both in deal situations as in “business-as-usual” context, which we can leverage when facilitating trainings and workshops to your finance staff

PwC academy

Well established educational methods developed by our internal PwC Academy to provide engaging, insightful and meaningful workshops and learning materials

Sector knowledge

Technical modelling expertise can be brought together with deep sector knowledge through our broad network of industry experts, understanding key value drivers and topics concerning your industry


An experienced Amsterdam based international team with extensive modelling knowledge gained in serving a wide range of companies, offering practical insights gained in successfully finalised projects 

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