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Unlock the potential of your workforce through data

Are you fully leveraging the power of People Analytics in your organisation?

Organisations are facing various disruptions, such as the green transition, digital transformation, and evolving way of working. By building a data-driven HR function, you do not only develop a stronger and more productive workforce but also gain a competitive advantage and maximise value creation for your clients and society. Let data-led insights revolutionise your decision-making process and harness the full potential of your people.

The increasing focus on People Analytics has led to significant investments in many areas from understanding well-being of remote employees to driving a cultural change to attracting and retaining top talent. Yet, executives are identifying data analytics and HR insights as their primary human capital challenge. Simultaneously, only 26% strongly agree that they are able to identify the required skills to enable the future technological change. This demonstrates the challenges they are facing in making also People Analytics deliver value.

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Getting people analytics right

"A strong business strategy is key, with people as the differentiator. People Analytics enables informed decisions throughout the employee lifecycle, leading to success and growth."

Marlene de Koning, Director PwC Netherlands

What can we help you with?

People Analytics Strategy

We specialise in designing and implementing People Analytics strategies and functions that align with your goals and aspirations. Our team is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Whether you require guidance on strategic matters such as selecting the right technology and data infrastructure, enhancing data-driven decision making, establishing an internal People Analytics function, or improving your HR data management, we have the expertise to assist you.

Our experts ensure that all solutions adhere to the highest standards of data privacy and security, guaranteeing compliance at every step.

  • Building and Enhancing Capability
    We will share value potential and best practices. We will assist you in creating a compelling business case for the further development of your People Analytics function.
  • Maturity Assessment
    We offer a comprehensive maturity assessment for your organisation's readiness for People Analytics. Our team will benchmark your current state against leading practices and help you identify value drivers for the future.
  • Strategy, Function, and Operating Model Design and Implementation
    We assist you in defining your People Analytics strategy, aligning it with your people agenda and overall business strategy.  We will develop a practical roadmap to achieve your goals, identifying quick wins and long-term investments.
  • Upskilling and Training as a Service
    We assess the learning needs and embed data literacy and data-driven decision making in your organisation. We also offer People Analytics training to further enhance your team's capabilities and make your team data driven.
  • Vendor Selection
    We offer support in making strategic choices for your HRIT landscape, from HR data management to point solutions and building a fit for purpose technological landscape.

People Analytics Execution

We specialise in developing, optimising, and implementing tailored People Analytics use cases to help you leverage data-driven insights for various HR functions. Our expertise ranges from dashboarding to predictive models, Machine Learning, and applied AI. We also offer solutions in Process Intelligence, RPA, chatbots, and intelligent automation.

Whether you are interested in implementing game-based assessments and recruitment analytics, adopting data-driven strategic workforce planning, making your wellbeing program data driven, improving employee listening, or optimising your employee value proposition, we have the capabilities to assist you.

We can support you through every step of the process, including:

  • Developing a Business Case
    We provide support in transforming your idea for a new People Analytics solution into a comprehensive business case with a cost-benefit analysis. We also guide you in buy-or-build decision and vendor selection for standalone People Analytics software.
  • Building a Proof of Concept
    We help you identify and assess available data and build a minimum viable product (MVP) using limited data and a rough model to demonstrate the technical feasibility and value-add of the proposed People Analytics solution.
  • Supporting Use Case Development
    We act as a sparring partner on People Analytics projects and support and guide your practitioners in development of new People Analytics solutions.
  • Implementing People Analytics Solution
    We offer end-to-end implementation of People Analytics solutions in your technology landscape including end-user testing and change management support.

Our clients benefit from our ability to combine technology and human expertise to solve the most critical challenges faced by businesses, communities, and society. The best solutions come from the intersection of data-driven insights and human creativity. By making smarter decisions and generate more value from your people data.

PwC & Scorius

PwC and Scorius joined forces to provide comprehensive solutions to our joint clients. Scorius generates psychometric data that is linked to other business data to create statistically predictive models and insights and offers four Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) modules to generate reliable data. Where Scorius provides measurement software and the online dashboards, PwC’s consultants perform the analysis and turn these insights into actions.

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