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Organisations are currently faced with major strategic challenges. Factors such as technological developments, deregulation and/or new regulations and the world’s economic centre of gravity shifting to new markets affect your strategic choices and raise fundamental questions. Should you enter new markets? If so, which ones? Do you concentrate on organic growth or expand through mergers and/or acquisitions? Should you change your business model, and, if so, how?

We specialise in facilitating successful change

We work closely with you, not only in advising you, but also in helping you implement successful change. All of our resources are directed towards this end. Throughout the world we have more than 1,000 experienced strategy consultants who are there to make your project a success, no matter how tight the deadline. Our firm’s wide-ranging capabilities are your guarantee that we can always place the right expertise at your disposal.

How we can help

Our advice is always informed by thorough fact-based analysis of markets, competitors and the company we are advising. This enables us to assist you with all aspects of your (growth) strategy:

  • M&A strategy and commercial due diligence
  • Regulatory strategy and market economics
  • Customer impact
  • Strategy development

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Gert-Jan van der Marel

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