The degree of impact on the environment and society is important for companies to remain competitive. Together we can work on transforming your company to a sustainable organisation.

Enabling a sustainable future

A sustainable future requires a healthy planet and a society with socio-economic cohesion. That sustainable future, offers decent and meaningful work to all, with equal opportunities in an inclusive society. In order to realise this sustainable future, individuals and (public) organisations should take ESG (environmental, social & governance) aspects into account when making decisions. Sustainability will take a central place in an organisation's strategy, it will be a guideline for transformation and they will report on it and provide assurance.

SDGs provide guidance and opportunities for sustainable growth

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) help organisations give substance to sustainability. By focusing on specific SDGs your organisation can make the most impact, and contribute to solving global problems around poverty, health, inequality, climate change, peace and justice. Connecting SDGs to your strategy is also positive for your organisation. It reduces your risks, lowers your costs, increases confidence in your organisation and potentially leads to more growth. Organisations that link SDGs to their strategy speak the same language worldwide, can more easily benchmark themselves and form partnerships.

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Creating value and impact through ESG

To remain successful in a sustainable future, it is important for organisations to embed ESG (environment, social and governance) factors into their strategy, transformation, reporting and assurance. Companies that do so have a clearer view of sustainability risks and opportunities and act accordingly, both internally and in the value chain. This gives them an edge over competitors. 

Our sustainability experts can help you with the transformation to a sustainable business model, in topics such as: climate change & net zero, sustainable finance, responsible investments, sustainable value chain and a sustainable workforce.

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How PwC can help you in the ESG transformation

Do you want to make progress with a comprehensive ESG strategy? We will help you define a vision and ambition that suits your key stakeholders and translate it into your strategy, up to and including a roadmap for the transformation, with sufficient attention for culture and behaviour in your organisation. 

To realise steps on ESG, companies, investors and governments cannot rely solely on traditional financial information to make decisions. That is why progressive organisations integrate ESG insights into their annual reports and are well aware of new EU legislation such as the EU Taxonomy, NFRD and TCFD. Naturally, we also advise on the transparent measurement and reporting of your sustainability ambition and can provide assurance on this.

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Sustainable development

Double interview Mijntje Lückeratth-Roover, professor of Corporate Governance, and millennial expert Talitha Muusse. They are very much on the same wavelength when it comes to sustainable development. Now is the time for change.

'In today's world, trust in institutions and business is declining. Investors, employees and other stakeholders demand companies to contribute to a better world'

Viviana Voorwald Partner sustainability

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Our own sustainable ambition

As PwC, we aim to contribute to trust in society and solving important problems. We achieve this goal primarily by developing services that meet the needs of a broad group of stakeholders. This is in line with the sustainable development goals that we have integrated into our strategy.

Read more about our Corporate Sustainability policy


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