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Cultural transformation for sustainable performance

Organizations that work from a clear purpose and strong values achieve better results than companies that focus primarily on profit. In business services, where people are the main capital, it is all the more important to create a culture in which human value is given plenty of scope. How do you ensure that your employees and managers work on sustainable, relevant performance?

Become future-proof

There are all kinds of reasons for business service providers to want to get started with the organizational culture and encourage other behavior. For example, a company may want to increase the innovative power to continue to deliver relevant services. They want to pursue sustainability goals, whether or not linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Or the organization wants to make better use of the opportunities offered by digitization with the large amount of data available. Digital transformation requires different behavior and leadership than business service providers were used to until recently. People will continue to make a difference in the digital age.

Working on meaningful relationships

Customers, employees and other stakeholders often indirectly show that they value certain behavior of your organization or that they are dissatisfied. Working on meaningful relationships with them is the best way to remain relevant in the long term. Do you know how to create a culture in which you attract and retain the right employees and reach the customer target group that suits you?

Why, what and how are inseparable ...

Whatever the reason is to examine the organizational culture, it leads to sustainable results if the purpose, behavior & values and the strategy logically and practically connect. An explicitly formulated why is the organization's right to exist. This leads to how: appropriate values and clearly formulated behavior to fulfill the purpose. The what, the strategy, can be optimally implemented if it matches the purpose, values and behaviors.

... and lead to considerations for your operational model

A thought through and sensible why, what and how naturally leads to considerations: about the customers to be served, the employee base, promotion criteria, key performance indicators (KPI's) and the full operational model. Employees, customers and other stakeholders will automatically notice that this approach works - with higher customer satisfaction and more employees involved as a result.

Cultural transformation with eight levers

Our experts in culture, behavior and leadership are happy to help you with the cultural change that suits you. After determining the desired organizational culture, we encourage you to focus on the adaptation of processes and systems and on behavior. We formulated eight levers for change.

"Employees, customers and other stakeholders request service providers with a purpose. We are happy to help you by strengthening culture, behavior and leadership."

Christianne Leenhouts, senior manager Consulting

This is how we can help you

We can help you shape cultural transformation. We support in sub-areas and in a complete cultural transformation, with the following steps:

  • Determine your why, what, how
  • Definition of your ambition level
  • Determine the current and desired status of the eight levers
  • Measuring and reporting culture, with a dashboard and KPIs
  • Formulating an integrated approach to the eight levers
  • Facilitate the transformation process

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