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Data Analytics can help you grow your business, operate effectively, and manage risk. Our data experts have developed applications enabling you to unlock data possibilities for your organisation. These apps shorten the distance between data and actionable insights allowing for strategic decision making, hr analytics, customer analytics, risk & regulatory analytics and smart processing.

Would you like to understand how these applications contribute to your organisation? Start exploring our demos below.

Strategic Decision Making

Until recently, profit has been the driving force for most business decisions. However, business leaders must now look more widely at their actions to assess the impact of these on people both inside and outside the organization as well as the environment. Responsible Business provides a seven step framework that eliminates internal bias and can be used to make decisions that increase profits, benefit staff and protect the environment as a whole. This means that personal values, ethics and morals can be aligned with business goals and overall company strategy.

The Responsible Business Simulator is an online software that implements the seven-step framework for strategic decision making discussed in the book "Responsible Business - Making Strategic Decisions that benefit People, the Planet and Profits" by Annemieke Roobeek, Jacques de Swart and Myrthe van der Plas that has been published by Kogan Page (ISBN: 978-07494-8060-8). 

Explore several use cases on your own demo account with the Responsible Business Simulator.

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Smart processing

Data Analytics offers various Smart Processing services: full deployment, improvement projects, training, coaching and audit. Lean Six Sigma is one of the methodologies used.

The Intelligent Matcher (TIM) helps to cleanse suspense accounts. This app is hosted via our AIMMS PRO Platform. Please note that using Chrome as browser may yield the best results.

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Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics creates opportunities to get closer to your customers and distinguish from competition. It allows you to optimally harvest customer data and increase the value of your customer base. You can become more efficient and effective in customer acquisition, and serve existing customers better.

The Customer Analytics App consists of multiple modules that can be used to analyze customer behavior. With this module we can analyze marketing campaign effectiveness using sales data, marketing expenses per segment and the positioning of customer segments can be visualized. Furthermore the app contains a cross-sell analysis module, a forecasting module, a margin analysis module and a module for Churn analytics.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

HR Analytics

The future belongs to agile, learning, cost-efficient organisations that are flexible in organisational and strategic management. These companies will be able to adapt the capacity and skills of their workforce in response to their changing goals and environment.

Strategic workforce planning (SWP) helps an organisation to develop an HR strategy and shape continuity in talent recruitment that is in line with the organisation’s ambitions. Against the backdrop of an uncertain future, this offers an even more valuable sense of solid assurance.

Strategic Workforce Planning tool (SWP) supports strategic decisions on the future of your organization. With our SWP tool organisations can not only analyse their current workforce, but also forecast and optimize their future workforce. This allows for scenario analysis and decision support.

The SWP demo model is hosted on our AIMMS PRO server. Please note that this demo may yield the best results by using Chrome as browser.

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Risk & Regulatory Analytics

Using Data Analytics we can assist in identifying and managing complex risks and the development, deployment, and maintenance of complex models used for risk management, valuation, and financial/regulatory reporting purposes.

The PwC Automated Reporting Tool or “ART” is an automated reporting validation tool that helps banks increase the quality of various regulatory reports. In addition, ART provides banks with reporting in the desired format to the relevant supervisory authority. A key functionality in ART is the ability to convert uploaded files to XBRL output, allowing direct submission to the relevant supervisory authority as required by 2016. ART has primarily been built for the Corep and Finrep returns and for the Dutch SE returns. The ART tool is flexible and the scope of returns covered by it can easily be expanded. Currently, ART contains some 3500 validation rules and plausibility checks, including all the required EBA rules and the DNB checks. PwC's regulatory specialists keep this library of rules and checks up to date constantly.

Please take a look at the instruction video on the right to get an impression of the application. You can download a demo dataset for the purpose of this demonstration. 

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