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MyFinance is the user-friendly digital platform for all tax, legal and compliance-related affairs, and it includes a digital safe. With MyFinance, we offer you a total package. All your financial affairs at your fingertips, insight into your financial position and access to advice whenever you need it. 

Our experts will be happy to think along with you and can advise you on strategic business issues. For example, advice on financing issues and doing business in the Netherlands and/or abroad. MyFinance gives you direct access to the knowledge and experience of our experts and international network. MyFinance: for all your questions and access to your accountant and financial adviser.

Online, easy and secure.

With MyFinance you have access to your financial position, wherever you are in the world. In our online platform, data, including financial data, are securely stored 24/7 and can be accessed digitally. Furthermore, MyFinance keeps you up to date on relevant information and via news reports. It also grants you access to our digital tooling. With MyFinance, we are able to supply all information and documents, such as tax returns and assessments, in a GDPR-compliant fashion.

Would you like to know what MyFinance can do for your organisation? If so, please contact us.

We developed MyFinance together with our clients specifically for a number of different market segments. For each segment, PwC experts are on hand with specific market expertise to serve you.

Our services


As an entrepreneur, you are always busy and your time is valuable. With MyFinance your adviser, accountant and bookkeeper are always close at hand. We will take care of everything for you. From annual financial statements for filing purposes and annual figures to your tax returns and all other compliance obligations. We are ready to serve your needs. Easy and of course totally secure and fully GDPR compliant.

Partner organisations

Are you a partner in a professional partnership or another joint venture? If so, you will want to know the exact financial position of your business. What is the profit situation and your share in it? What are the financial risks and how do you keep your finger on the pulse? MyFinance offers your that overview. The digital platform provides you with real-time insight into both the company finances and your own money situation. And of course it is all GDPR compliant.

Public Sector

PwC also offers public-sector institutions its tax and legal services via MyFinance. MyFinance will include our tax news reports. Furthermore, tax and legal documentation can be saved in the digital safe. The structure of this safe supports the institution in designing its tax and legal function. In the near future, MyFinance will also grant our clients access to the digital applications we have made available to them. It is important to note that all communications via MyFinance are GDPR compliant.


Are you running a successful company that has grown strongly in the past few years or do you expect that strong growth to come in the years ahead? Then you will want your financial management to grow at the same pace. MyFinance offers you real-time insight into the financial position of your enterprise. Secure and GDPR complaint. We will also be happy to share our benchmark reports with you to give you greater certainty.

Wealthy families

MyFinance is your digital family office. It's where you will find all your (global) financial family information neatly arranged at one location. From capital structure to all compliance obligations. No more fuss, but everything at a single location that can be accessed with one click of the mouse. Easy and of course totally secure and fully GDPR compliant.

Our word is our bond

With MyFinance you can arrange all your financial and tax affairs securely online with minimum effort and costs. You have control of the costs: the platform is free to use and you decide which service to purchase. PwC will arrange the rest. Our team of experienced accountants and advisers will get to work on your behalf right away and provide practical advice where needed. 

Everything taken care of

Seeing the big picture is key to successful asset management. This was the reason we developed MyFinance together with our clients. We are continuously improving our platform with the aim of providing you with an optimal service.

MyFinance offers you a digital platform that shows you the status of your financial position in real time. Wherever you are in the world. Clearly laid out and secure. 24 hours a day. 7 hours a week. Would you also like your records within easy reach for optimal insight? We would be pleased to tell you more about the possibilities we can offer you. Just get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help!

At PwC we create value for our clients, helping to boost confidence in society and resolve societal major issues. 

Easily verify your UBO registration obligations via our UBO web tool or via our 'UBO Analyzer' service

UBO web tool

The UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) web tool enables you to easily check whether your Dutch organization is obliged to register its UBO (s) in the UBO register. The tool also provides insight into who the UBO (s) is / are and which information must be registered in the UBO register.

"UBO Analyzer" service

By means of our specially developed 'UBO Analyzer' we are able to map out (international) group structures which UBO registration obligations apply in different EU and EEA countries, who the UBO (s) is / are and what data must be registered in the relevant local UBO register. Both our UBO web tool and the "UBO Analyzer" service offer an indication only, without making explicit or implicit statements or guarantees.

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