People and Organisation

Within our People & Organisation team, you help clients with large and complex changes within their organisations. Or you help companies reinvent the world of work by nurturing and innovating the workforce.

People and organisation within PwC consists of Change Management and HR Transformation 

In Change Management, you help our clients with large and complex changes within their organisations. Changes often involve strategic decisions in the area of processes and systems. You are the spider in the web and, together with your colleagues, make challenging projects a success. 

Within HR Transformations, you help organisations both to look ahead at the HR organisations they need for the future - and to solve their HR problems of today. We bring together our HR function and HR technology capabilities to help transform organisations - but can also provide flexible point solutions for specific client needs.

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Changes often involve strategic decisions in the area of processes and systems.

Within this team, you will focus on the performance improvements of organisations.

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Market Sectors

There are three sectors in which you can work: the public sector (PS), the financial sector (FS) and consumer industrial products & services (CIPS).

Public Sector

A well-functioning public sector is vital for a stable society and a thriving economy. That is why we advise organisations facing safety, energy transition and mobility challenges.

Our professionals have deliberately chosen to work in the public domain because they want to help address socially relevant issues. That is what drives us! More than ever before, our challenge is to prepare our public sector clients for the future in a rapidly changing digital world and to work with them to transform their organisations. We have dedicated ourselves with great passion to a number of exciting public sector projects in recent years. Our aim is to use our BXT method to come up with innovative, co-creative and workable solutions that will truly help our clients work through issues related to safety, energy transition, mobility, the future of work, digitalisation, and healthcare, among others.

Our Public Sector (PS) teams consist of a group of approximately 130 consultants. Together, we advise government organisations in the domains of Justice and Security, Defence, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Transport, Development Cooperation, Energy and Sustainability, and Local Government.  

Financial Sector

The Financial Sector (FS) is undergoing a large-scale digital transformation impacting everyone from banks and insurers to pension funds. New technologies are a key factor in this transition.

In this rapidly changing arena, financial service providers are looking to stand out from the crowd. What is most critical is the ability to offer a fast, easy digital experience that meets their clients’ needs.

Joining one of FS’s competence teams gives you the opportunity to learn from our experienced consultants. You will work for our clients as a member of a multidisciplinary consulting team. If you enjoy working with clients to resolve complex issues in an ever-changing market, then FS Consulting is the right place for you.

Consumer Industrial Products & Services

The Consumer Industrial Products & Services (CIPS) teams assist a very diverse group of clients, specifically in the following industrial groups:

  • Retail & Consumer Market
  • Energy, Utilities and Resources
  • Telecom, Entertainment and Media
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive

More than ever before, our challenge is to prepare our clients in these sectors for the future in a rapidly changing digital world. We work with them to transform their businesses, increase their revenues and lower their costs. When you start your job, you will have the opportunity to work with all of these industry groups. Because our experienced consultants specialise in one specific sector, we can always offer our clients precisely the right expertise and background.


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