Innovation and growth

How does your company remain competitive and innovative in this rapidly changing world?

Growth due to innovation and transformation

The world is changing rapidly and continuously. And the impact of all those changes on the transport & logistics (T&L) sector is significant, as a connecting link in the ‘global economy’. No doubt your organization also finds itself frequently faced with choices in terms of the type of innovation and transformation that will keep you competitive over the next few years.

Four disruptive factors

We distingquish four important disruptive factors for the near future:

  1. Increasing customer expectations with regard to your quality, speed and costs.
  2. Technological developments, such as big data analytics, robotization and autonomous vehicles.
  3. New entrants, with radically different business models and without dated assets.
  4. Cooperation and sharing volumes and facilities among parties in the chain.

"What innovation will get you to achieve growth and improved performance? We will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you."

Strategic questions

Depending on the impact of these factors on your company, you will need a response to all kinds of strategic questions. Is this a threat or an opportunity? Will you stick to the current business model or innovate in terms of your service provision? And what technologies will you embrace?

Furthermore, you will need to work out where the required investments will be coming from. Will you need to save on costs to this end? Perhaps you would like to head down the route of a merger or takeover. And what will all these changes mean for your staff?

How we can help you

We will be happy to contribute our thoughts on the right answers to all these kinds of question, so as to ensure innovation and growth. In this regard, we will draw on our wide-ranging expertise and international T&L network. 

Our experts combine in-depth knowledge of the industry with the latest insights into international trends and objective analyses of technological possibilities. We guide customers during their transformations, from strategy to implementation. For example, when it comes to centralization, digitization, adjustments to the business model, savings on costs or change management.


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Milo Hartendorf

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Jeroen Dekker

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