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Responsible supply chain management

Doubling food production

PwC identifies your risks and converts them into opportunities. This is necessary because the agrifood sector is facing substantial challenges. For instance, the FAO predicts that food production must more than double in order to feed the future world population. More food must be produced while less water, land and resources are available.

PwC assists with strategy development

PwC helps companies negotiate the sustainability process. We have in-company experts in each of the relevant fields, ranging from strategy to resource procurement, from supply-chain cost reduction to risk management. We additionally know what shareholders and other external stakeholders expect from your sustainability reporting.

Our experts can provide you with assistance in several areas:

Strategic focus

Formulation of a sustainability strategy that suits your organisation's growth strategy; make this strategy operational through into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and implementing the strategy by, for example, setting up a governance structure and monitoring system.

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Sustainable supply chain management

Development of a sustainable procurement policy as well as provision of advice regarding sustainable supplier relationships. This may be accomplished by means of audits but also by creating win-win situations in the supply chain.

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Supply chain impact awareness

Mapping the CO2 and water footprint of your organisation, as well as the impact of the suppliers in your supply chain. This enables you to lower the environmental impact of your organisation in a targeted manner.

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Anticipation of (future) market demand

Evaluation of the manner in which your organisation anticipates sustainable purchasing criteria and the future policies of major customers. Advice on participation in sustainability accreditations and programmes.

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In addition to verifying sustainability reports, we can advise your organisation on the preparation of a sustainability report. We take national and international standards and relevant benchmarks into account. We also gladly facilitate the transition process to integrated reporting (financial and social annual report in one).

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