PwC's Automotive practice provides counsel in such areas as sustainability, auto electrification, enterprise risk management, M&A, and supply chain.

Eat or be eaten is the current credo of the car industry! As a car dealer, supplier or retailer, you are operating on the thinnest of knife edges, for the sector is undergoing turbulent times. Low sales figures for new cars and decreasing after sales have resulted in low dealership revenues. Partly due to the introduction of the Monti Regulation, the market strength of parts manufacturers has substantially increased, while the number of car dealers has declined. Shifts in the balance of power, revenue pressure and stiff competition have made re-organisation necessary.


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The Mobility Ecosystem: where do you fit in?

Improving rate of return

The automotive specialists at PwC are eager to help you escape the stranglehold of thinking in terms of small margins and limited capacity. Consolidation, mergers, takeovers and joint ventures can create the increase in scale that you require. We can guide you through each phase of a merger or takeover process. Specialisation, cost-saving and strategic repositioning may be ways to improve revenue. No matter what may be the solution for your organisation, we will opt for a structured approach with demonstrable results.

Our added value

PwC is happy to advise you so that you make the right strategic choices and achieve your goals. Our assistance is based on years of international experience in the car industry, in which we are the global market leader. The specialists from Assurance, Tax & HRS and Advisory work in a multi-competence structure based on a well-conceived vision and strategy. Together with you, we arrive at solutions.

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