Data Experience Lab

Our Data Experience Lab enables you to experience the potential of your data. Using our dataWALL, a large multitouch screen consisting of eight linked 55 inch screens, you can see your data analysed and insights visualised. Applications developed specially for the dataWALL challenge you to look at your data with new eyes and interact with it: you can zoom in where you see interesting information, zoom out where you want an overall view, and we can link your data to external data sources providing the latest insights. By doing this we help you to adjust your strategy to the facts.

The Data Experience Lab will also introduce you to numerous innovative products. For instance there is a 3D-printer, virtual reality glasses and a kinetic controller that registers your movements and reproduces them virtually. These innovative gadgets are just the beginning – there is far more being added to the agenda at the Data Experience Lab so you can get to know potential applications in a fun way with us.


  • A date with your data: a day or half-day data workshop for business. Before the workshop PwC collects and validates your operating data and where possible links the data to external data sources. During the workshop we visualise the result on the dataWALL to give you an insight.
  • Demo days: we regularly present anonymised real-life cases involving customers from various sectors, enabling you to draw inspiration from these examples of the potential for data in your organisation. We also organise small-scale conferences to discuss Big Data in different sectors.
  • Hackathons: what happens if you put native digitals together for a day in the Data Experience Lab?
  • Game: We are currently developing a game that will allow you to experience the effect of different strategic scenario’s.

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