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Besides being more complex, today's mergers and acquisitions increasingly involve cross-border deals. You yourself may have to make a strategic decision as to whether to sell off business units or pursue (international) expansion. But which markets offer the best deal and investment opportunities? How do you identify the most attractive merger or acquisition candidates? And how do you finance deals and investments?

Putting your interests first

We can help you find the best party to deal with anywhere in the world. Our more than 1,270 Corporate Finance professionals collaborate closely on all continents, combining their knowledge of local markets and industries. This enables us to offer you early tips on companies planning to buy or sell. And, as independent advisors, we see to it that financing is arranged according to your interests rather than ours. Our Debt Advisory specialists keep a close eye on the financing market and will help you obtain financing on the best terms, so you can close your deal or make your investment.

How we can help

We are committed to building a lasting relationship with you. This enables us to provide the most effective assistance when:

  • Identifying and supervising complex (cross-border) deals
  • Arranging transaction and investment financing

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