Fund structuring

Whether you want to create a new fund new investments or want to invest in an existing fund, we have all the expertise you need to structure your fund tax efficiently.

We help you with the different choices when deciding how the fund will invest both in terms of the tax position of your investors as to the impact on your carried interest / co-investment plans.

We also advise you on the optimal deal structure and effecting transactions. Our team provides solutions to support transactions such as acquisitions, financial restructurings, bolt-on acquisitions and exit strategies.

We look carefully at your business goals and bring it into balance with the relevant considerations for audit, tax, regulation, legal and commerce to offer the best long distance structure.

Obviously with our international team of consultants you have the right experts in every continent. Our (inter) national team of tax specialists understand the tax structure and tax history of the company in relation to other (group) companies or parties and provide future advice.

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Cornelis Smaal

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