Sustainable decisiveness


Sustainable decisiveness:
From a narrow emphasis on CO2 to a broad focus on nature

Nature is a lifeline on which more than half our global economy depends. Nature provides the air we breathe and the water we drink, ensures the fertility of our soils and is a rich source of inspiration for technology. This is why the major loss of biodiversity we are currently seeing poses such a threat to people and businesses. And this is why companies aiming to be resilient must take sustainable steps forward by anchoring the importance of nature within their corporate strategy. It is the key to making a world of difference together.

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Sustainable decisiveness: your strategic challenge is our expertise

Biodiversity Impact Screening Tool measures impact of day-to-day business operations on biodiversity

Insight to determine the right targets, interventions and strategies that increase your positive impact on biodiversity: the 'Biodiversity Impact Screening Tool' helps companies in a transparent and accessible way. From biodiversity to net zero, from CSRD to green taxes, PwC has the best tooling for every challenge.

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Biodiversity & Business: these are the good practices of large Dutch companies

Companies and investors must focus on the enormous loss of biodiversity and implement measures that help nature recover. Large organizations such as Ahold Delhaize, Signify and Heijmans share their good practices in the report 'Biodiversity & Business - Challenges and good practices, a collaboration between PwC and the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO). How do these organizations increase their positive impact on biodiversity? From governance to policy and from implementation to reporting: get into action on biodiversity, just like them. Now is the time.

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The ultimate power of the ecosystem

Where human ingenuity and technology come together, new perspectives emerge. This unique blend ensures the best solutions, which is why a sustainable ecosystem is so vital. Our collaborations make a big difference. For instance, PwC is a knowledge partner of the Dutch foundation for biodiversity recovery (Stichting Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel), has a joint business relationship with system changer Metabolic, and a strong tech alliance with the likes of Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and Workday. This is how we provide the best solutions for every organisation and company, from strategy through to execution.

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From project to process, because integrating sustainability into strategy is a long-term process.

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Ensuring that the entire organisation has the right knowledge and skills requires upskilling for all employees.

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Transparent reporting and creating value wider than the financial result.

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Five steps to anchoring nature in your company strategy

Map out what nature means for your company, what the current strategy is and how the playing field currently looks like. From regulations to a competitive analysis, it should not be missing when embedding nature in strategy. Next, understanding and managing your company's impacts and dependencies on nature is critical for ensuring long-term sustainability and risk management. All the information ultimately leads to developing a nature strategy as well as a transition plan. This is where PwC’s transformation experts clearly play an invaluable role. Supporting the development of tailor-made plans means you are not limited to environmental plans and ambitions, instead making a genuine transition to a nature-positive future.

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Five steps to anchoring nature in your company strategy

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