How will you offer healthcare in the future?

Clear social profile and appropriate organisation

The Dutch healthcare sector is currently in a major transition phase and radical steps are being taken to find a balance between financial sustainability and high quality. This, for example, involves developing performance-based financing, minimum volume norms for highly complex care and decentralisation of (long-term) care to the municipalities.

Healthcare institutions and insurers are facing a wide range of choices in this new landscape. How will you offer healthcare in the future?

Strategic profile as a starting point

The transformation to specific healthcare which is close to the public, is presenting healthcare institutions with various issues when it comes to efficiency, financing and taxes. The first step to finding a solution involves having a strategic vision. Which social profile best suits you? And how can you realise the most appropriate organisational structure? Starting from a clear profile mergers and partnerships are often chosen as a means to realise economies of scale.

Accountability and supervision

Accountability will be an important feature in the new healthcare framework. How can you comply with, for example, reporting requirements which could differ per municipality? Will you be implementing a best-effort obligation or a results-based obligation? And how can you embed such arrangements in real-life administration procedures and internal audits? We believe horizontal monitoring is the best approach to use when healthcare institutions report to municipalities.

We are able to assist you

We offer services in the field of accountancy, advisory, legal, tax and HR. We can help our clients to define their healthcare vision for the future, and assist them when taking the steps needed to realise it. This is done concerning all important issues involving ‘cure & care’, mental health, youth healthcare, welfare and childcare, the government and healthcare insurers.

Our team of professionals has managerial experience at Board of Directors and division management level within the healthcare sector. Besides organisation optimisation, finances and taxes, we also address issues such as Human Resources and IT, which includes electronic patient dossiers (EPD). We can help your organisation to transform in a sustainable manner, so you will be ready for the healthcare of the future.

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