Sustainable decisiveness

Net zero

Sustainable decisiveness:
from net zero as ambition to net zero as standard

Net zero is currently one of the most ambitious and necessary goals. It has an impact on the planet and on organizations. To transform, one must not only look at their own business model from a different perspective, but also map out the entire supply chain, decarbonize, and make it more sustainable. This requires a vision for the energy transition, a thorough data approach, the smartest technology, and unprecedented expertise. Our specialists help organizations make the right choices on the path to net zero. Together, we make your actions count.

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Why a net zero transformation is essential now

Sources: PwC’s CEO survey and Transforming Energy Demand

Sustainable decisiveness: your strategic challenge is our expertise

PwC report outlines future prospects for energy-intensive industry in the region

The competitive position of the industry in Northwestern Europe is deteriorating. Especially the costs for energy are significantly higher than in other regions such as the Middle East and the US. However, this does not mean that industrial companies will immediately leave our region. "We don't have to be too pessimistic, because there are indeed opportunities. But policymakers need to act on them now," says Gülbahar Tezel, leader of PwC's Energy Transition Think Tank.

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Net zero trajectory quickly and accurately visualized

Within PwC, we combine technology with human ingenuity. We develop our own tools and combine them with human skills and expertise. Like for net zero, we created a successful assessment tool that precisely indicates the current position and the strengths and weaknesses in the net zero emission trajectory. In addition, PwC has developed the Energy Demand Experience together with Microsoft. A unique and interactive experience that shows the steps that can be taken to reduce an organization's energy demand.

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Knowledge + experience = the first step forward

Understanding is the basis for progress. Are you keen to fully comprehend the essence of ESG and the risks of climate change? To learn more about the challenges that come with realising net zero ambitions and the best practices in various industries? PwC’s ‘ESG, climate change and decarbonisation introduction’ course will set you on the right path.

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From project to process, because integrating sustainability into strategy is a long-term process.

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International automotive company in five strategic steps towards a sustainable future.

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Transparent reporting and creating value wider than the financial result.

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What the energy transition means for your company

The net zero transformation is inextricably linked to the energy transition. Without a fundamental change in the way we produce and consume energy, achieving net zero emissions is virtually impossible. The current energy supply is uncertain and the consequences for business are major. Paul Nillesen, PwC partner and energy specialist, explains in this short video what the energy transition entails, what it means for your company and what the three ways are to deal with it.

More about the energy transition

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Successful decarbonisation thanks to PwC's nine building blocks

Successful decarbonisation thanks to PwC's nine building blocks

Setting your goals, growing an ambition and ensuring alignment across the organisation: creating a net zero ambition is an essential step towards decarbonisation and towards defining the net zero strategy. PwC helps companies move towards net zero using nine building blocks. These net zero building blocks impact all parts of the organisation, the business model, and the entire supply chain. It’s vital to fully integrate the net zero trajectory within the company strategy, to innovate, and to transform the organisation to decarbonise successfully. PwC's specialists - from climate experts to accountants and from tax specialists to transformation consultants - help with this.

Nine steps towards net zero

Making sure your actions count too.

Ready for sustainable results?

PwC’s sustainable actions

Anyone who aims to be and remain future-proof must engage with sustainability, the energy transition, and the path to net zero. This also applies to PwC. Globally, PwC is doing everything possible to operate at net zero by 2030. Discover how we are doing this and what PwC's Corporate Sustainability Team is doing in the field of sustainability.

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