Our global network

A network of separate and independent member firms 

PwC is part of a global network of separate and independent member firms operating locally in countries around the world (PwC network). The member firms that comprise the global PwC network are members of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited (PwCIL), a United Kingdom-based private company limited by guarantee. The PwC network, therefore, is not an international partnership. 


The global organisation has a coordinating role 

PwCIL has a coordinating role, including for example issuing standards in the areas of risk and quality management. PwCIL does not provide services to clients, but focuses solely on reinforcing and supporting the network in the areas of strategy, knowledge development and expertise of the professionals, and protection of the PwC brand. PwCIL does not own any of the member firms and the member firms do not own any of the other member firms, except in a number of very specific cases.


All services are delivered by the individual member firms for their own account and risk. PwCIL is not responsible or liable for any actions or omissions of any of its member firms, it cannot exercise control over their professional opinions and it cannot bind them in any way. Member firms may not act as agent for or representative of PwCIL or any other member firm, and they are responsible solely for their own actions or omissions.

Member firms may participate in regional affiliations. These are designed to encourage collaboration and the application of common strategies and risk and quality standards.

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