At Deals, you supervise mergers and acquisitions and ensure that the value of the deal is optimal.

Whether it's analysing options for an acquisition or investment, divesting a business unit, integrating two companies or resolving a crisis situation: each phase of a deal has its own specific problems and challenges. We have people in our team with the right expertise who can advise and assist at every stage. We help our clients make the right decisions and maximise the value of the deal. So whether you have a financial, strategic, technical or business background and experience, all the expertise comes together at Deals in projects for large international clients.

The deal cycle consists of four phases:

  • Originating & Strategy
  • Preparation & Execution
  • Closing
  • Value creation
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Originating & Strategy

The first phase of the deal is characterised by thorough investigation of the market, the competitive position and business information of the target and the shaping of a tightly controlled process. Data analytics in combination with broad business insight lay the foundation for a successful acquisition.

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Preparation & Execution

In preparing and closing the deal, many different deal teams work closely together. In this phase, the value of a company is determined and guarantees are given for the investment. We also offer the most suitable financing solution for our client.

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The deal is closed. It's often hectic, everything comes together and the finishing touches are made. Our specialists ensure that all arrangements are properly described in, for example, the purchase agreement. In this phase, we work closely with our lawyers and tax specialists and with the buyer, the seller and financiers.

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Value Creation

The post-deal phase is characterised by helping to achieve the potential value of the deal and making specific recommendations to maximise the success of the investment.

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Business Restructuring Services and the Deals traineeship

In addition to the teams that operate in the deal cycle, you can join the Business Restructuring Services team. You can also start in our three-year Deals traineeship. This traineeship offers you the opportunity to experience all facets of the Deals process.

BRS helps ailing companies and stakeholders to understand and solve their problems.

You are talented and are eager to put your knowledge into practice.

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