Remuneration policy, performance management and incentive schemes optimally designed

Remuneration policy raises all sorts of issues surrounding HR, as well as finance, tax, performance and compliance. Remuneration policy ought to be in line with your strategy, support your culture and be acceptable to the stakeholders involved. No easy task.

Is your remuneration policy ready for the future? How do you achieve management participation following a takeover by Private Equity? Will shareholders approve your executive directors' new Long Term Incentive scheme? Is your remuneration in line with long-term objectives, including your ESG strategy? What considerations should you make when integrating the remuneration of all your employees after a merger? And how do you ensure that your terms of employment optimally suit the employees you need? We will be happy to advise you on all these questions and help you implement the answers, using digital tools where possible.

Reward Workforce

Remuneration of senior management

The remuneration policy of senior management requires balancing the interests of many stakeholders. Listed companies are required to periodically present their remuneration policy to their shareholders. We offer integrated support to ensure that the policy aligns with your strategy, but also to clearly identify the consequences for finance, taxation and any legal aspects. And we support you in all steps: strategic analysis and translation into an executive compensation plan or management incentive plan, communication with stakeholders, administrative implementation and incorporation into the financial statements. No surprises, no disconnects and a complete overview.

Remunerations and participations in the event of mergers, acquisitions and transformations

After a merger or acquisition, the remuneration policies of the various parties must be aligned or even integrated. Also large-scale transformations may lead to a revision of remuneration packages or incentive schemes. We analyse existing employment conditions, advise on integration and draw up a retention plan to retain key people. If the management co-invests in an acquisition, we draw up a management investment plan that brings together your wishes. Here again, we integrate our knowledge of remuneration, with accounting and the tax and legal effects, and use digital tools to provide real-time insight and optimise your people's experience.

Remuneration policy suited to your organisation and your people

Remuneration is an important part of the people value proposition. How do you ensure that the salary costs, pension scheme and other employment benefits are optimally aligned with your organisation and with the wishes of your employees and other stakeholders? We can help you analyse employee preferences and design a flexible benefits package. Our specialists can also support you in policy choices with regard to diversity and inclusiveness and offering equal pay for equal work. To put it briefly, we help you to effectively design your remuneration policy, performance management or incentive schemes. This can be focused on attracting and retaining (future) talent, creating flexibility in your organisation to respond to future developments or optimising your cost structure.

HR analytics and digital tools

Digitisation and automation lead to more efficient processes, with reliable quality and a traceable audit trail. Digitisation also results in data that we can make accessible to you via dashboarding so that you can substantiate your policy choices, predict the consequences of interventions and measure and monitor their progress and impact. Examples include your diversity policy, the connection between performance and remuneration and scenario analyses. We use all kinds of tools for HR analytics - also from our strategic partners. For example, we work with TrueChoice for the employee preference analysis and Faethm to identify the impact of digitisation on your HR policy. Our technology experts will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable third-party HR tools and help you with the implementation.

People and Organisation - Reward

This is how PwC can help you with your Reward Issues

  • Remuneration policy including incentive schemes arranged from start to finish
  • Translating corporate strategy into remuneration policy and performance 
  • Integration of employment conditions in the event of a merger or takeover
  • Design of your management participation in private equity investments
  • Optimisation of your employee value proposition to strengthen your position in the labour market
  • Support with stakeholder management and communication around your remuneration policy
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations

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