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Significant regulatory change has focused the importance of having robust corporate governance and compliance controls in place. Compliance risks like reputational damage and financial penalties can quickly derail your growth. We can help you out by mitigating those risks and help you navigate these (international) challenges. We can give you practical, insightful full-scale advice and support on governance, transactions and corporate compliance. Through our network of specialists in 100+ countries and our digital solutions, we are able to assist multinational companies with their entity governance and provide central business insight on a global scale, making sure all legal entities comply with local company laws and regulations in a cost-effective way.

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PwC can support your governance agenda, delivering the insights, processes and systems required to help you and your parent and subsidiary (supervisory) boards thrive.

We perform governance regulatory assessments against existing or future regulations, helping you to identify gaps in your governance infrastructure. Similarly, our governance function reviews can benchmark and assess your governance arrangements against local regulatory requirements and best practice, identifying any areas of focus or improvement required. Our solutions may include designing and embedding Entity Governance Policies, advising on diversity of (supervisory) boards and drafting of related documents or the provision of training for (supervisory) directors.

On an ongoing basis, PwC specialists can help you strengthen your governance through global (supervisory) board support and digital governance solutions.


We support every step through the entire entity lifecycle, from entity creation and corporate changes to more complex intra-group transactions and corporate dissolutions. Combining our global network of specialists with locally relevant governance and legal expertise, we help you to identify and manage the governance requirements of your transaction. This in turn, allows you to ensure that your transaction documents and filings remain compliant with local processes, requirements and timelines, and helps minimise risk.

With PwC by your side, you can navigate the governance complexities of group reorganisations / restructurings, post-deal integrations, corporate simplifications and cash repatriations, and execute them with confidence. Using our digital solutions, we can also automate and track the approval and execution process globally, giving you peace of mind and a clear audit trail around completion.


We help clients maintain, track and monitor the good legal standing of legal entities around the world, using an efficient, tech-enabled approach.

PwC supports clients globally, with the maintenance of statutory registers and filings, coordination of the approval and filing processes for annual financial statements, responding to entity governance and corporate compliance related queries, and providing clear document execution guidance and support to directors and other stakeholders.

Through dashboard reporting we can provide central oversight on the status of corporate compliance processes on a global basis.

What can PwC do for you?

Backed by the breadth and depth of PwC’s global network of lawyers, we combine legal advice with business understanding and the ability to seamlessly tap into the expertise of our tax and business consultants. We can help you stay ahead of governance and compliance challenges, by our integrated, practical advice that guides you towards the right strategic decisions, helping you achieve your commercial goals. Find out more and contact us now!

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