As of January 2018, the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MiFID II”) is in full force and effect in the Netherlands, together with the new Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation ('MiFIR'). The new regulations are partly meant to better protect investors, to guarantee a level playing field within Europe and to enhance financial stability. MiFID II sets a new standard for companies that provide investment services, including those that are involved in carrying out and/or receiving and transmitting orders, individual asset management and investment advice.

MiFID II and MiFIR do not only have a significant impact on your business operations, but also on your business model. If your company has already been regulated for investment services under the Financial Supervision Act, this means existing processes, systems, controls and reports are fully compliant with all requirements within the scope of these regulations. You become MiFID II compliant but need to maintain the fully compliant status. PwC can help you achieve and maintain the MiFID II compliant status.

How PwC can help you

We possess a team of experienced specialists in Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Strategy, Project Management and IT. Our combined knowledge, experience and international network allow us to help you with subjects ranging from a gap analysis, designing and modifying your organisation, to periodic audits afterwards. We possess our own tools and methods for this specific purpose.

Want to do it yourself?

Have you already implemented the new laws and regulations in your organisation, but are you interested to know how you can do this more efficiently? In that case we would like to inform you about the MiFID II Do It Yourself Tool kit. This tool kit offers you the same tools, knowledge and methods we use to successfully complete MiFID II and MiFIR projects.

More about this tool kit can be found here.

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