EU Direct Tax

Navigating European tax law

Companies with offices in other European countries and companies that do cross-border business in Europe are required to comply with European tax law. With the accession of new countries to the European Union, European tax law now applies throughout a wider area. Keeping up with all of the tax consequences of doing business in Europe is a constant challenge for every organisation. Fortunately, PwC can do this for you.

Direct access

The PwC EU Direct Tax group is organised at a European level and coordinated from the Netherlands. This has a distinct advantage in that comprehensive knowledge of all relevant tax legislation is directly and immediately available. This is reassuring for in-house tax specialists, who, according to a detailed survey, are primarily concerned about tax developments in the European Union in years to come. We can advise you on the most effective way to manage your tax matters at a European level. We also have a clear understanding of the national tax rules in the different countries that are incompatible with the EC Treaty and can advise you on how to apply these provisions to your company's best interests.

European tax strategy

Many companies develop a tax strategy, which is a prudent move. However, these strategies tend to be aligned with national regulations. If your company does business in Europe, it is important to develop a European tax strategy. A strategy that, among other things, will enable you to maintain an overview of the relevant case law of the European Court of Justice and apply it to your company's advantage. A good working relationship with local tax authorities is essential in this respect. PwC has both the knowledge and the relationships.

What can you expect from PwC?

  • An extensive European network
  • Understanding and in-depth knowledge of European tax law
  • A quick scan of your European tax position
  • Accurate advice on tax-related policy
  • Advice on documentation
  • Assistance with legal proceedings

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