The new normal

Hybrid work

Now restrictions imposed by COVID-19 are over, many companies are switching to a hybrid form of working. How companies organise this hybrid work differs considerably. In any case, it is clear that the Covid-19 virus has caused our vision on forms of working to change considerably. The digitisation of the way we work has made a huge leap. We expect that this will also have an impact on the adoption of AI, Robotics, Cloud Computing and IoT.

A sustainable future

Despite that working from home is encouraged where possible by many organisations and the government, many employees are ‘going back to the office'. How do you as an organisation respond adequately to hybrid work? Have you adapted your technology? As hybrid work was unknown territory for PwC, we have continuously conducted client conversations and also did research on various aspects regarding hybrid work. Moreover we’ve recently published an analysis of the costs and benefits of working from home. Furthermore we investigated the experience of employees in this new way of working. In short, we will continue to research this topic for the time being as it’s the time to have an overview on what is needed for a sustainable future. Our broad expertise within PwC can offer you guidance, by starting with sharing insights and best practices of hybrid work challenges and opportunities.

Office of the future & remote working

Now that it is permitted again, it is intended that employees will meet in the office more often but at the same time it is expected that working from home will remain. The expectation is therefore that the office as the sole workplace will become a thing of the past and we will find ourselves in a transition to a virtual workforce. How do you create your future office?

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Terug naar kantoor

Preparing employees for hybrid work

To get insight into the spatial and employment conditions that need to be optimised as quickly as possible, it is important to offer employees safety and to prepare them for a different way of working. When reinventing the workplace, it is good to take into account that employees differ in the experience and attitude towards returning to work.

Check your persona here and find out what it takes to prepare your employees for hybrid working.

Results New Normal Quiz

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis we’ve had to change where, when and how we work. Seeing that work is still affected by this crisis we wanted to see how employees have been responding to these changing circumstances and adapting to the new normal and returning to work. Over 1000 respondents participated in our new normal quiz and told us what they thought! Read here the results and also the new normal personas to find out more about them!

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