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People in deals

Delivering deal value through people

As organisations deal with a fast-transforming business environment they are looking into transactions to find the right talented people, technology and ideas to drive innovation and power-up growth. If organisations give sufficient attention to the people-side of a transaction, they can avoid losing transaction value. When they develop a good approach to the people-side of a transaction, they can even add value in the transaction.

People in Deals

HR professionals in deal process

Pensions risks and labour relations are important to take into account during the process. Leaner HR structures within organisations create the need for flexible HR professionals who can support you throughout the deal process and beyond, to ensure you are achieving your corporate objectives.

Remuneration policy management and participation schemes

In a transaction, the transition from the existing to a new remuneration structure is very important for management. The new remuneration structure must be in line with the goals of the company. This ensures proper focus and motivation from management. Whether you are the buyer, seller or executive, we are happy to guide you in managing executive compensation, before and after the transaction.

How we can help you with people in deals

  • Help you understand the costs and risks of the human capital involved in your acquisition. 
  • Make transparent how human capital issues could impact the price of your deal. 
  • Help you to create an engaged and productive workforce through the distractions of the transaction.

PwC’s People in Deals specialists work with clients globally on these questions. We do this for a full range of transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, business restructuring and capital events such as an IPO. We drive value for our clients across the entire transaction cycle:

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