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Something to hold on to in a time of societal challenges

The government is facing major challenges. While the corona crisis keeps us in its grip, tackling many major social challenges is demanding the full attention of a new government. More is expected of the government than ever before in terms of policy, but its reliable implementation is at least as important. PwC has the knowledge and experience in many of these areas to think along and help. Together we can shape the recovery from the corona crisis and the major challenges society is facing.

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Our topics

The future of work

Preparing for tomorrow's skills

The way we’re  working is changing dramatically. New technologies have a great impact and is changing our working environment rapidly. This requires more and more flexibility from employees in order to remain attractive on the labour market. In addition, younger generations are demanding more diversity in the workplace and a different work-life balance.

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Energy transition

A sustainable energy supply for all sectors

The energy transition demands changes across all sectors within society. It offers excellent opportunities for growth and new business models but generates a number of challenges at the same time. To succeed co-creation between citizens, authorities, businesses and groups of interest is required.

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Better care at lower social costs

New innovations, new technology, new treatments. A lot of new ideas, and thus a lot of opportunities. While at the same time, we face a range of challenges such as limited budgets, a tight labor market, an ageing population, political developments, an increase in chronic diseases, changing and more complex care demands, more active participation and personal control of patients, plus an increase in healthcare costs. How will good, accessible and affordable care remain possible? And how can  you contribute to a  sustainable healthcare future?

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A fundamentally different mobility

Our mobility is reaching its limits on all fronts. Fortunately, however, there is also good news: an enormous number of initiatives to curb the spatial and environmental impact of transport. Big and small ideas that will bring about a fundamental change in the movement of people and goods. It requires old and new players to have a vision of their current or preferred future roles. And it demands more flexibility from the government. After all, the urgency is too big to keep up dealing with the rapid and much-needed developments at the traditional pace.

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In service of safer societies

Threats to society are as complex as society itself. Just as agile, unpredictable and layered. Because internal and external security are deeply interconnected, global developments and happenings have local impact and vice versa. All of this takes place in the physical and the digital domain. As a result, the security issue is too big, too multiform, too interrelated and too boundary- and domain-crossing for organisations to 'do it just by themselves'.

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Our ambition

Your citizens. Our passion.

A well-functioning public sector is crucial for a stable society and a flourishing economy. PwC contributes to building trust in society by helping you as a public organisation to maximise public value and to report transparently. 

Our socially involved professionals choose consciously to work in the public domain because they want to be social relevant by solving important problems. Passionate by purpose and improving citizens lives, we make your challenges ours. That is our ambition! We consider it as our job to provide quality services in the fields of Assurance, Risk Assurance (advising public organisations), Tax, Advisory and Legal Services. Where clear understanding of both interests and dilemmas of public organisations and their stakeholders are key.

In the past years we have worked with great passion and care on very meaningful public sector projects. It is absolutely our ambition to help you with innovative and of course workable solutions - according to our BXT method – regarding themes such as the future of work, digitalisation, energy transition, healthcare, mobility and safety.

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