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Be prepared for the inevitable

Whether we like it or not, the risk of being confronted with fraud, or any other form of economic crime for that matter, can never be completely ruled out.

Our latest Global Economic Crime Survey confirms the trend: nearly half of the organisations have experienced economic crime in the past two years, while the other half is not sure if they avoided falling victim successfully or simply don’t know about it.

In this era of declining public tolerance for corporate and personal misbehaviour, failing to address risks of fraud is by far the biggest threat to your organisation’s reputation.

It is essential to recognise the true nature of what is hiding in the shadows of your business and business networks and install a fraud-fighting framework that enables you to respond fast and emerge stronger.

Awareness must be improved to the point that you dare trust your intuition again. Crisis and cyber resilience reinforced. Blind spots identified. To reset organisational vigilance, you have to introduce smart detection technologies and install whistleblowing and allegation management. All this, while avoiding the compliance framework to grow so big and complex it becomes a threat in itself.

Given these challenges, you are looking for a partner to help you face them. Trust PwC Forensic Services to stand next to you.

Our tech-enabled investigative teams have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of financial and economic crime. We have hands-on experience with criminal and forensic investigations and cyber forensics. We know how the criminal mind works and how to contain a crisis. We reconstruct events based on the evidence and design the solutions to prevent them from happening again.


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Gerwin Naber

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Sander Kranenburg

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