Tax, Legal & People and sustainability

Sustainability (ESG) brings fundamental changes to organisations. Tomorrow's world looks different from today's or yesterday's. Social trends follow each other in quick succession, as do the arrival of new laws and regulations that need to be secured in organisation and processes. The pressure to change also comes from stakeholders such as investors, (potential) employees and consumers, who expect companies to embrace sustainability and increase fiscal transparency. Sustainability is therefore no longer the responsibility of one person within an organisation, but requires a broad approach to realise the transition organisation-wide.

Tax, Legal & People and sustainaibility

Community of solvers

Our 'community of solvers' is ready to work with you to turn theory into action, with new ways of thinking and doing. People and technology working together to find solutions bigger than today. Success is not just about climate change, diversity and transparency. It's about embedding these principles - and more - throughout your business, from investment to sustainable innovation.

How can we help you?

With Tax, Legal & People services, PwC is at the forefront of the transition towards a sustainable future. By staying ahead of and keeping up to date with all rules and regulations, our combined Tax, Legal & People knowledge enables us to fully take organisations through this transformation. Whether it's fiscal challenges, sustainable employment conditions or the legal involvement in changes.

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