Digital Transformation

Digital technology, the basis for business continuity

Digital technology is also changing ways of working, business models in the business services and the sector as a whole. Business service providers focus on digital transformations to bind customers and talent and differentiate themselves from the competition. How do you ensure that your digital strategy is aligned with your organizational strategy? Do you ever think about developing a disruptive business model based on digital technology? In that case, what are your biggest challenges?

Three digital transformation topics

The starting point for digital transformation are often the back-office processes. However, why would you not take immediate steps that will immediately show your customers - both business and consumers - the benefits? We would like to work with you on the following three digital themes: centralizing customer needs, product-as-a-service and innovation and startups.

Customer focus

  • Personalizing the offer can lead to a higher conversion rate. Personalizing the offer is now possible by using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Customer Data Platforms.
  • Creating a customer journey and really identifying the customer's needs can lead to new insights, business models or revenue models.
  • The user experience is a crucial element between attracting or losing a potential or existing customer. Measuring and sharing information internally on the user experience is very important in a digital world. 


Business service providers usually work on the basis of an hourly fee, but the customer actually wants a problem to be solved. Why would you not offer solving that problem as a service? Digital technology makes it easier to experiment with new business models such as subscriptions rather than the traditional hourly fee. Alternatively, you can offer ‘dream teams’ that solve the problem within a set time frame.

Innovation and startups

Start-ups develop digital innovations that can be of interest to corporates. How do you actually find the start-up that suits you? Through our collaboration with Startupbootcamp, we can put you in touch with young companies who can help you with parts of your digital transformation.

Business, eXperience & Technology

We support with digital transformation by looking at your business through three different scopes: Business, eXperience and Technology. Our holistic view on your change is called the BXT approach. For business questions, we have in-house experts who know your sector, such as change managers, HR specialists, tax specialists and financial experts. We work towards an optimal experience for your customers and for the people who work for you. We use technology to connect your business and customer experience.

Digital adulthood with d.quarks

The d.quarks methodology was developed (by PwC) to provide insight into the digital transformation of an existing business model. With this methodology we distinguish five archetypes from new business models based on digital technology. These archetypes each have specific characteristics, so-called d.quarks, which we use to create a baseline measurement or as a checklist for your digital transformation.

Which business model do you use now? Where do you want to be in five years' time? Our specialists will be happy to think along with you about which d.quarks are needed for your people, processes, systems and corporate culture.

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