Digital transformation

Digital transformation with the opportunities of tomorrow

Digitisation is effecting radical changes in the transport & logistics sector. Using new technology will alter your strategic, commercial and operational processes. It is not a question of whether, but how, where and when. Your customers in such sectors as retail, pharma, automotive and high tech are actively engaged in digital transformations. Are you in a position to continue facilitating them as a provider of transport & logistics services, now and in the future?

Myriad possibilities of digitisation

Digitisation presents all kinds of possibilities for your organisation. Consider in this regard the use of robots in warehouses, drones and automated vehicles for deliveries and blockchain in smart contracts. Digital resources also make it possible to understand and predict your customers’ wishes (and their customers’ wishes) with increasing accuracy. Other options are personalisation of services, including by using big data, and flexibilization of the operation by means of the Internet of things.

Consequences for your business model

The opportunities presented by digitisation will have consequences for your business model. Perhaps cooperation and sharing will become the new standard. It could provide a solution to such issues as overcapacity, reducing ecological footprint or investments in new technology through start-ups (for instance). Sharing also means making a great many adjustments to your operation and IT. How will you approach these? And are your organization, culture and people ready?

We can help you with digital transformation

Whatever digital transformation route you choose, you will be investing in innovation and technology. But what exactly, how much and when will you see a return? We will be happy to contribute our thoughts on the options and how digital choices will fit in with your strategic, commercial and operational processes. We will also be keen to support you when it comes to ensuring that your organisation’s staff respond positively to the changes. 

Our expertise in digital and our extensive international T&L network enable us to provide you with unrivalled assistance with your digital issues. We offer in-depth knowledge of the industry, the latest insights into international trends and developments, and objective analyses of new technological possibilities. How can we guide you during your digital transformation? We will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you.

"Which ever route to digital transformation you choose, you're going to invest in innovation and technology."

Marc Engel, director

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