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Safeguarding your business isn’t just a responsibility, it is an opportunity. Today, more than ever, business is not possible without protecting your and your customers' assets. As more data is generated and shared, more devices are connected, and connectivity and automation is built into your customer’s products, it is increasingly important to not only secure your own business, but also embed security into the products and services you provide for your customers. This way the products and services that you provide to your customers are more attractive for your customers. This way rethinking cyber risk becomes an opportunity that provides a competitive advantage

At PwC, we work as a community of solvers, coming together in unexpected ways, to help you stay ahead of the curve. We bring an innovative combination of expertise and technologies. The imagination to see things from different perspectives. And the integrity to filter it through unwavering objectivity. We bring this way of thinking to every challenge – and every business transformation. This is how we build trust and create sustained outcomes.

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Decoding CEO Sentiments: The CISOs’ guide to the 27th PwC CEO Survey

In the rapidly evolving business world, the latest installment of the annual PwC CEO Survey provides a peek into the minds of CEOs globally. Several insights from the report show the changes that organisations and their CISOs will need to adjust to in order to stay competitive and compliant. This paper highlights 5 of these key metrics from the survey, directly linked to cyber risk as well as their implications for the CISO function. With more CEOs seeing cyber risk as a top concern, and anticipating technology driven change in an environment of increased government regulation, CISO teams have a role to play in the reinvention of their organizations.

We also go beyond the metrics with our recommendations for how CISOs can turn these challenges into opportunity, and thrive in this dynamic environment.

Download The CISOs’ guide to the 27th PwC CEO Survey

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New cyber threats

Cyber threats are here and they are here to stay. The threats are becoming more complex and are ever expanding. And with increasing frequency less advanced attackers use complex techniques. It is important that your organisation has the capabilities to understand how they evolve, detect, and respond effectively to them.

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Emerging digitalisation & increased complexity

Digitalisation and new technologies offer your organisation opportunities, but at the same time you have to learn to understand the risks. If your organisation gets this right, new opportunities arise. There are many opportunities in AI, OT, IoT and connected devices in the coming years, but you need to know how your organisation can handle them safely. ChatGPT and DALL-E, among others, can help organisations move forward with issues. Therefore, it is important to know how you need to handle all this new technology.

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Laws and regulations

Laws and regulations change constantly. New regulations such as NIS2, DORA, CRA, DSA/DMA create new challenges in your organisation. It is therefore important that your organisation is well informed and able to adapt to changing laws and regulations. With our expertise, we can help you develop an integrated governance, risk, control and compliance framework for addressing all relevant requirements in an adaptable manner, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your efforts.

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This is how PwC can support you

We analyse, design, change and manage risk in different areas:

Strategy, Risk, Compliance & Governance

As an organisation, you use digital technology to develop new products and services or to function in a different way. But is your organisation always aware of the increasing digital threat once new systems are implemented? How prepared are you for new or changed laws and regulations?And how do you ensure that your clients, suppliers and employees efficiently get access to new technology in an efficient way? PwC helps you design your strategy so that your digital security is not unnecessarily compromised.

Are you ready for the EU cybersecurity requirements for Radio Equipment and IoT devices? Download the white paper here and learn how to prepare for RED,

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Threat, Incident & Crisis Management)

A quick and effective response to digital attacks is important. Do you have plans in place for this? We help you with a strength-weakness analysis of your incident response and crisis plan and support you in detecting threats. We investigate and repair vulnerabilities in your incident management system. Furthermore, we offer tailor-made solutions for specific security risks and when an incident occurs and we guide your organisation when preparing for a (cyber)crisis.

Privacy and Data Protection

As an organisation, you face changing data protection and privacy laws and regulations. If you can collect, use and destroy data according to the rules, you  work in a safe and effective way. We help you set up a privacy programme that complies with data and privacy laws, increasing your clients’ trust.

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Information protection & cloud security

The ease of creating accounts and sharing data is one of the many advantages of using the cloud. This flexibility also has a downside, due to the limited insight and control over your own IT environment. Our experience taught us that it can be incredibly difficult for you as an organisation to keep control over your data and the use of your data, if you make use of the cloud, but also with ‘on prem’. With possible data leaks, unauthorised access and non-compliance with for example export regulation as a result. We help you with access management, information protections and cloud security.

Digital Identity (IAM)

Your staff, clients and partners will all be impacted by the digital transformation of your organisation. A successful transformation therefore depends on ensuring an optimal user experience for these various stakeholders. Increasingly stringent legislation and regulations also need to be taken into account. And then there’s the growing threat of cyber-attacks on your company as well as your clients and partners. The effective deployment of Identity and Access Management’ (IAM) processes and technology can help control these risks while simultaneously enhancing the user experience. IAM is therefore an unmissable part of every corporate strategy and transformation plan designed to facilitate growth in the digital world, secure continuity and make your business resilient against digital risks.

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Red, blue & purple teaming and ransomware resilience

If your organisation proactively performs technical checks on security, you can better prevent incidents. We offer you insight in your resilience and early threat detection, so that you are better prepared for unwanted incidents.

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