Employment issues are part of a complex business environment that operates across multiple dimensions: transformation, organisational design, diversity strategy, employment law, employment taxes, remuneration mobility, people strategy and more.

We provide support across the full range of workplace issues, including redundancy and redeployment, workforce transformation and reorganisation, cross-border employment arrangements, HR related aspects of deals, employee disputes, new and emerging issues around Future of Work, and international compliance health checks and advisory. We can also advise you on the development and implementation of ESG strategy.

How can we help you?

  • Cross-border reorganisations: we manage the HR legal aspects of cross-border reorganisations, advising on transfer and collective redundancy laws, associated consultation requirements, including works council, trade union and employee representative body requirements
  • Global expansion: we advise companies on their expansion into new countries and markets, including the applicability of collective bargaining agreements, drafting contracts and policies, advising on mandatory employment law compliance requirements, working closely with complementary people specialists 
  • HR compliance: We work with you to understand your current levels of legal compliance and, where applicable, help support remediation programmes. In addition, we can help you stay abreast of employment law changes allow you to manage risks and reputation. On the subject of International training programmes, we can help you train your teams on international employment law issues such as recruitment, diversity and inclusion, cross-border workforces. We can also design bespoke country (or regional) training programmes for you.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: we assist with all HR-related aspects of M&A, including acquisitions, integrations, divestitures and restructurings including mergers, spin-offs and carve-outs
  • Pre and post-sale restructuring: we work with organisations to ensure value is realised in deals, helping to prepare businesses prior to the sale, and advising on post sale activities
  • Flexible working: we help organisations enable remote working, both domestically and globally, working together with international tax and corporate law specialists. This includes advising on the feasibility and implementation of new employment structures for this population of employees
  • Gig workers and contingent workforces: we advise on the complex and changing domestic and international landscape of engaging with contingent workers, supporting organisations manage risk whilst accessing this source of talent
  • Industrial relations strategy: we advise on issues with employee representative bodies (in particular works councils and trade unions), including engagement strategy as organisations start to emerge from the pandemic
  • HR documentation: we draft, negotiate and review contractual terms, including contracts of employment, assignment documentation and global and domestic policies and procedures, including international harmonisation of this documentation. We have specific experience in senior management agreements
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