Governance and values

Efficient management is vital for any organisation, even family businesses. We can help you to professionalise your governance structures.

Governance for family businesses

Many family businesses are looking to professionalise their management. Since no unambiguous governance guidelines exist for these types of companies, it is not always easy to set up professional management. The principles of the Dutch Tabaksblat Code for listed companies are often very applicable, but also incur large administrative costs. Our professionals know the issues and challenges involved in operating family businesses. We can train your people, provide advice on such issues as remuneration policy, make you aware of the risks and help you to control them.

Core values

The formulation of core values constitutes the basis for the conduct that you value the most in your enterprise. You nurture it with family values, strategy, brand promises and governance objectives, this in interaction with your employees, investors, society and other stakeholders. In addition, one of the greatest challenges facing you is the handing down of your values to the following generation. We can work with you to secure the culture of your family business for the future.

This is how we can help you

  • Training of non-executive directors in collaboration with Tilburg University.
  • Corporate governance-training (for example communications between your supervisory and executive boards).
  • Design and implementation of governance structures.
  • Clarification and assistance in managing risks.
  • Investigation of irregularities.
  • Development of a clearer remuneration policy.
  • Advice on the "fit" between supervisory duties and the personalities of non-executive directors.
  • Formulation and implementation of core values.

Risk management and compliance

Your company must meet all manner of rules and regulations. We can help you integrate your compliance processes into your business strategy.


Compliance requires major efforts in all divisions of your organisation. Could the processes related to your annual financial statements and tax filings be more efficient? What does automation have to offer? How do you ensure that your compliance processes are supporting your general strategy?


Our finance and taxation specialists can answer these questions for you. We do not view your business compliance as a collection of individual processes, but rather as an integrated whole. We call this the "transparent compliance chain".

Transparent compliance chain

The integral approach guarantees that compliance will become part of your corporate governance and risk management. The transparent compliance chain means that we view each end product in the chain as a starting point for process improvements.

How we can help you

With this continuous improvement, we strengthen every link in your compliance chain: financial and payroll administrations, financial reporting, annual financial statements and publications, projections and long-term plans, and tax filings.

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