The following bodies constitute the key elements of the governance structure of PwC Netherlands:

General meeting

Each partner is through his or her private limited liability company (‘partner BVs’) member of Coöperatie PricewaterhouseCoopers Nederland U.A. The General Meeting (GM) is one of its bodies. 

The GM has powers related to the appointment and dismissal of the (chair of the) BoM. It adopts the annual financial statements, budget and overall strategy of PwC Netherlands and resolutions of the BoM regarding the entering into new association agreements with partners.

Board of Management

The BoM (also referred to as the Territory Leadership Team) is responsible for creating and maintaining an appropriate environment for the conduct of the Company’s business and is responsible for the achievement of its objectives, strategy and policies.

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Supervisory Board

As of 1 July 2023, PwC’s Supervisory Board (SB) consists of Chris Buijink (chair), Baukje Dreimüller, Floor Rink, René van Schooten, Jan Sijbrand and Saskia Vlaar. The duties, authorities and responsibilities of the SB are set out in the Supervisory Board Regulations.

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Line of Service Boards  

PwC has organised it’s lines of service in three operating companies: PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V. (Assurance), PricewaterhouseCoopers Belastingadviseurs N.V. (Tax & Legal) and PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory N.V. (Advisory). The members of the LoS Boards act as directors of their respective Line of Service operating company. 

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Partners’ Council 

The Partners’ Council represents the collective interests of the members of Coöperatie PricewaterhouseCoopers Nederland U.A. and provides advice on matters that are presented to Coöperatie. The Partners’ Council may also provide advice to the BoM of Coöperatie, either upon request or on its own initiative, and may act as advocate in the interests of the partner concerned in cases of internal dispute. The members of the Parters’ Council are appointed by the members of Coöperatie for a term of up to four years, with eligibility for reappointment for one additional term of up to four years.

The Partners’ Council includes Jeroen Elink Schuurman (Chair), Sander Gerritsen, Joukje Janssen, Martijn van Kessel, Wilmer Kloosterziel, Paul Nillesen and Willem Schouten.

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