Employment Law

Strategic employment law advice

Employment within an organisation knows many stakeholders and can reflect many legal implications. The design of employment agreements for example, can have major legal consequences for your organisation. Challenges become even more complicated in case of reorganisations or international employees. You need an advisor who can support you in all areas covered by employment law.

Advice on all aspects of employment law

We can support you in your strategic choices related to all aspects of employment law. Our subject matter experts are experienced in the relevant areas of employment law, including developing a broad range of agreements, social plans, HR-policies and personnel handbooks, secondment proposals and advices for works councils.

How we can help

  • Drafting of employment agreements or reviewing existing agreements.
  • Supporting employment law challenges relating to mergers or acquisitions, such as dismissal, transfer of employees and harmonisation of employee benefits.
  • Advising on cash or share benefits for employees.
  • Advising on aspects of HR-management like performance management, dealing with gross misconduct and allegations of discrimination or intimidation.
  • Advising on terminating employment agreements, severance payments, and minimising related risks.
  • Advising on outsourcing arrangements.
  • Representing clients in cases of employment disputes around, for example, severance payments, litigation or complaints in case of discrimination and intimidation.
  • Monitoring compliance of contractual arrangements after the termination of employment agreements and protecting confidential information.
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