Sustainable Supply Chains

Do you have full visibility of and control over your supply chain?

How confident are you about the safety and quality practices of your suppliers, or their suppliers? Can you trace your product back from fork to farm, from cellphone to mine, from clothes hanger to garment factory? Scandals around, amongst others, food safety and clothing production affect the entire chain. Visibility of and control over the supply chain are, therefore, of essential importance. Moreover, a transparent and dependable supply chain offers opportunities for reducing supply chain risks and creating trust.

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Companies with a transparent and reliable supply chain are the future

In the past it was enough to produce affordable products. In the future, only those companies that earn the trust of their customers will survive. Customers and stakeholder expectations on quality and value are increasing, while supply chains are expanding, becoming less transparent and harder to control. Alongside these issues, regulatory changes, resource scarcity, and ethics are some of the many concerns threatening trust. However, next to the risks, these developments also offer opportunities. Companies with transparent supply chains have a competitive advantage: as disruptions are prevented, there is room to focus on performance.

We help reduce risks and create opportunities in supply chains

We have experience working with, amongst others, governments, companies in the food industry and NGOs to help reduce supply chain risks. From our experience, we know how supply chains work, and are aware of the challenges associated with successful cooperation throughout the chain. As a result, we have a large network, work with local teams, and can call upon a wide range of expertise and sector specialists. We help you with discovering and understanding opportunities, while at the same time developing strategies for supplier risk, traceability, regulatory changes, fraud, and crisis management. Furthermore, we support you with questions concerning changing consumer demands, digital innovation, culture and risk management.

How can we help?

At PwC, we build on trust every day. We help companies and organizations grow, identify and reduce supply chain risks, and improve the processes and systems that build trust and add business value. Below, you can find how we can help you to build trust and achieve your strategic goals:

  • Building Trust: advise on sustainability, ethics, and compliance in the supply chain.
  • Digitalization: use of Big Data and new Blockchain Technology to identify, capture and analyze data across the supply chain from farm to fork, from garment factory to cloth hanger; also to facilitate communication between the individual links of the supply chain.
  • Traceability: support in developing traceability tools and frameworks to increase transparency and resilience.
  • Growth Strategy: strategic (sustainable) growth planning, deals and takeover advice and due diligence.
  • Regulatory: supporting authorities and companies in improving the policy and legislative environment on product safety and quality.

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