Energy Demand Experience

Energy demand down, costs down

Many organizations are facing the energy trilemma. This involves combining CO2 emissions, costs, and uncertainty in energy supply. However, taking the right steps in energy transition helps your organization create value, become more sustainable, and more resilient.

PwC, in collaboration with Microsoft, has developed the Energy Demand Experience. It is a unique and interactive experience that allows you to see how easily and quickly significant steps can be taken to reduce the energy demand of your organization.

Together, we can make actions count.

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“We are specialists in this field and find that this experience reflects exactly the kind of conversations we are having with our clients on a daily basis.”

Sustainability Manager, Large Energy Producer & Supplier

What is the Energy Demand Experience?

A unique and interactive digital experience to show you how demand-side management can deliver financial savings and reduce carbon emissions.

What does the Energy Demand Experience offer me?

By gaining control over your energy demand, you can improve productivity and profit margins, become more resilient to market volatility and political choices, and strengthen the reputation of your organization towards investors, regulators, and other stakeholders.

How does a demo of the Energy Demand Experience work?

Our specialists will guide you through the choices you can make to better manage the energy consumption of your company and deliver value to your shareholders, customers, and employees.

Where can I book the Energy Demand Experience demo?

The demo can take place at the Experience Center at PwC or at your company in-house.

Who is the demo intended for?

CFO, CEO, finance director, procurement director, facility director, sustainability director.

How long does the demo last?

The personalized Energy Demand Experience lasts approximately 60 minutes.

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