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Making an impact with ESG Upskilling

ESG - environmental, social and governance - is more than ticking boxes. It's about making a difference for your business and the world. 

The next few years are critical according to the latest IPCC Working Group III report, and the time for action is now.

With the increased focus on sustainability comes a new opportunity for businesses to stand out from their peers to do good for the environment, meet the increasing stakeholder expectations, and integrate ESG as a cornerstone into your organisation. 

PwC can help transform and upskill your people and prepare your business for the realities of tomorrow.

How we can help you through your ESG transformation

Whether you are at the start of your ESG journey or well on your way, building the knowledge and skills of your staff is the key to success. For example, why and how do they need to drive this change and how to incorporate ESG knowledge into their work. Not just on paper, but embedded in their everyday activities, so it becomes ‘just the way you do things’.

Moving from where you are today to an ESG conscious workforce is not a simple endeavour. We’ve seen companies struggle with the transition internally and battle with the compounding external demands concerning ESG and their ability to become sustainable organisations. We’ve helped these same companies overcome such challenges and start moving from unknown territory to building a path towards a more sustainable future.

PwC has a variety of programmes available to help upskill your staff on ESG topics from off-the-shelf content to a fully customised learning journey programme. With user-led design, your teams can stay up-to-date on all they need to know about ESG and how it impacts their roles.

Our approach includes three development needs employees require to change their behaviour in a lasting way.

Our blended-learning approach

To make sure the learning ‘sticks’, we offer a blended learning approach to address individuals’ different learning preferences. We offer a variety of formats for (digital) delivery, including:

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Specific learning journey per target group

A learning journey is a collection of learning activities (e-learnings, workshops, simulations etc.) delivered in a specific sequence, curated for a specific learner group, also referred to as a target group. Learning journeys can help to upskill individuals based on their learning needs and objectives as highlighted by the organisation.

We can curate a customised learning journeys consisting of off-the-shelf learning events, supplemented with learning events activities according to the learning objectives and learning preferences of the target group/s.

E-learning modules to kick-start your learning journey

Our ready-made suite of e-learning courses are built in a modular way, so they can be easily adapted and delivered at pace to provide quick, cost-effective upskilling for your teams across the globe.

The Foundation level covers all the ESG risk fundamentals (starting with climate) and is the stepping stone towards the intermediate and advanced level trainings.

F1 What is ESG
F2a Climate basics
F2b Climate change
F3 Climate risk foundation
F4 Stakeholder expectations
F5 Net zero
F6 'Other' environmental risks
F7 Climate resilience

The Intermediate level training should be completed by staff whose activities are impacted by climate risk.

I1 EU actions related to sustainable finance
I1 EU actions related to sustainable finance - Insurance
I2 Climate risk management cycle
I3a Climate risk identification basics
I3b Climate risk identification tools
I4a Climate risk assessment - methods and tools
I4b Climate risk assessment - scenario analysis
I5 Climate risk steering
I6 Climate risk strategy
I7 ESG data for products
I8 ESG reporting essentials
I9 ESG products

The Expert level should be completed by staff whose activities are fundamentally changing due to climate risk and include deep dives into ESG regulations.

E1 EU taxonomy
E2 ECB Guide on CER
E3 Pillar 3 disclosures on ESG risk
E4 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
E5 Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
E6 Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
E7 Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)

The Micro-learnings are short deep-dive modules of ESG regulations. They give an introduction to the regulation and cover the key aspects. 

M1 EU taxonomy
M2 ECB Guide on CER
M3 Pillar 3 disclosures on ESG risk
M4 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
M5 Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
M6 Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
M7 Double materiality
M8 International Sustainability Standards Board (ISBB)

All modules are available in two options: a file that can be integrated into your own platform which allows you to provide the module to an unlimited number of employees, or a file on PwC's platform to which your employees receive access.

ESG e-learning preview

Here’s a sneak peak into one of our e-learning modules. If you are interested in a longer demo, contact us.

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ESG e-learning preview

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Webinar: Introduction to the CSRD

Introduction to Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) webinar

Watch the CSRD webinar to find out more about the impact on your organisation and requirements involved.

Check out the CSRD site for more information.

How our upskilling programme benefits your organisation

Our programme helps to maximise the following benefits: 

  1. Unlocking your organisations’ competitive advantage as your people make a positive impact with their stakeholders by using the newly acquired skills and knowledge to establish long-term perspectives and an awareness of ESG elements related to their job. 
  2. You will receive a solid foundation for ESG upskilling and can leverage a mix of off the shelf e-learning modules and tailor made modules which enable a head start to implementation. We develop learning journeys built to meet the learning needs of different target audiences - basic knowledge through to deep experts. 
  3. Our broad and deep ESG knowledge brings an outside-in perspective to your training programmes. Our professional team including the ESG experts, Learning & Development professionals, user experience specialists and other experts of various industries realise your ESG transformation. 
  4. We bring a holistic, integrated approach to ESG that goes beyond compliance and risk mitigation.

Would you like to learn more about ESG basics and climate change?

Educational hours: 18 | Event language: Dutch/ English

Join our PwC ESG experts during three (live) sessions to get an understanding of climate change and climate risks. This course is applicable for professionals across all sectors seeking to deepen their knowledge on components in our climate system, climate risk types and drivers and relevant regulatory developments driving further ESG integration. 

After completing this course, you will have a basic understanding of ESG, the impact of climate change on your organisation and what actions you can take.

More information

Session 1. ESG, climate change and decarbonisation
Session 2. Climate, environmental risks and opportunities 
Session 3. Regulations and reporting
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