Metabolic and PwC join forces in ESG collaboration


Realise ESG sustainability strategies faster

Metabolic and PwC have embarked on a new and ambitious cooperation to help organisations realise ESG ambitions and sustainability strategies faster. Eva Gladek - founder and CEO of Metabolic - and PwC's ESG experts Alexander Spek and Viviana Voorwald explain how the combination of these two ESG leaders will make a difference.

Signing of collaboration contract, by Veronique Roos, Eva Gladek, Maarten van de Pol

Complementary competences in sustainability challenges

‘Metabolic is a systems change agency that helps organisations tackle sustainability challenges with data analytics, independent research, new ventures and demonstration projects. They have enormous expertise in areas such as biodiversity, energy, impact measurement and circularity’, says Viviana Voorwald, who initiated the collaboration with Metabolic.

Metabolic can automate key elements of a company’s ESG strategy-building process. From impact assessments of materials and supply chains to geospatial intelligence that measures environmental impact, their software company provides actionable insights critical to the strategy and reporting process. This collaboration combines PwC's expertise with Metabolic's specific knowledge and software for sustainable value chains and climate change mitigation initiatives.

For Eva Gladek, founder and CEO of Metabolic, it is the years of experience, the enormous reach and the professionalism that determined the choice for PwC. Gladek: 'PwC has so much experience in areas where we are less present. From reporting and regulations to supervising major transformation processes in order to make the impact truly sustainable. That is precisely why our competences are complementary.'

Innovation and acceleration characterise joint business relationship

Innovation and acceleration are the key words for this joint business relationship. ‘There is no time to lose in increasing the impact’, Gladek believes. ‘The tipping point is near. Everyone is getting too hot under their feet, literally and figuratively', she said after signing the partnership agreement at PwC's head office.

The first initiatives to get there are now being taken. ‘On the theme of biodiversity, for example, we are already combining our strengths', says Alexander Spek, expert in ESG reporting and responsible for the biodiversity proposition within PwC. Metabolic helps organisations with system changes through data analytics and impact measurement frameworks. Metabolic developed a tool that shows the impact on biodiversity of a factory in a certain environment. ‘The analysis that follows from that is very strong', says Spek. ‘But, how do you ensure that you help the client to reduce the negative impact on biodiversity? We can take the step from analysis to strategy, implementation and transformation.’

Teams Metabolic and PwC: Seadna Quigley, Emmy Scholten, Mhairi Letcher, Eva Gladek, Viviana Voorwald, Alexander Spek, Maarten van de Pol, Veronique Roos-Emonds

Tackle problems and realise impact on a significant scale

Expectations are high. Both PwC and Metabolic want to pull out all the stops to tackle problems and realise impact on a significant scale. Thinking big, that is Gladek's motto. ‘What can we do together to ensure that fifty per cent of the world's agriculture is sustainable in 2030? How can we make that happen', she says, giving the example of an ambitious dot on the horizon. Alexander Spek, who gets plenty of energy from the new cooperation, says perseverance is an absolute condition for success. ‘We have to show courage, together.’

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