Public sector

Legal support in complex societal transformations

A properly functioning public sector is a prerequisite for a stable society. If challenges in our society change and new choices are made by executive, legislative and judicial entities, this often requires alterations by governmental and semi-governmental organisations. Irrespective of whether these alterations are made by municipalities, healthcare providers or even through the energy transition. How do you set up a legal structure for your organisation and your joint ventures or operations that contribute most to your public function?

We provide support to (local and regional) governments and organisations active in the public domain, i.e. healthcare, education, and governmental institutions. We provide high-quality legal advice combined with legal project management. How do we accomplish these goals? Together with you, but also by joining forces with our colleagues specialised in tax, finance and digital. Our goal is to offer support and assist you in design and strategy, implementation and (legal) execution. Our areas of expertise are:

  • State aid and subsidies

  • Procurement law

  • Structuring and governance

  • Health & Life Sciences

In conjunction with other PwC lines of service, we focus on assistance to organisations with regard to transitions in the public domain, from strategy to implementation. Where possible we use technology to make processes smarter and more efficient.

Important strategic themes for the provision of legal services in the public domain

Energy transition

The preparations for the implementation of the Dutch Environmental and Zoning Act and the Heating Law II require both time and attention. The changes that need to be made are substantial. It is important for your organisation to adapt to the new reality. This adaptation applies to both the organisation and the execution, and must be approached from a strategic, legal, fiscal as well as financial perspective. 

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Hybrid governments

Government functions nowadays have taken a hybrid form. The government executes classic policy initiatives, but also acts as an investor and as a regular operator in the market economy. The role and instruments of the government are therefore more like those of a hybrid public-private operator. Solving societal issues has more and more become an undertaking involving joint operations that link the public and private domains. The conjunction brings legal, organisational, financial and fiscal matters together and offers possibilities to juxtapose public and private values.

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Future of healthcare

The Health & Life Sciences sector is complex. Many laws and regulations apply to innovation in healthcare. It has become increasingly more complicated to attract both qualified personnel as well as capital. The Dutch government issues ever more rules and regulations to control costs and expenditure and prevent the abuse of (decreasingly accessible) public funds. Using digital solutions, we can create a more durable healthcare system. A healthcare institution without technology has become increasingly less viable given the future of healthcare. How can you transform (digitally) within this complex and changing legal framework?

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