Structurering & Governance

Matters of structuring and governance in the public sector are complex and different from those in the private sector. There is often a large and diverse number of stakeholders to consider, such as co-decision bodies, patient or client representation and relationships with municipalities, health insurers, regulators and similar institutions. This means that a well-coordinated process and sector knowledge are important to ensure that no turmoil is caused. 

To a greater or lesser extent, there are often applicable laws and regulations that determine the framework for structuring and governance issues. Therefore, it is important to bring in not only knowledge of legal structuring, but also of the laws that apply to the relevant part of the public sector, supplemented by applicable governance codes and possibly the views of supervisors or financiers. Transparency and accountability about the activities and spending of public funds are important issues. Therefore, not all options that are legally possible are equally desirable.

Challenges in structuring and governance 

Which legal structure and/or governance structure suits your organisation, activities or partnership, for example? We know the challenges of structuring and governance issues in the public sector from our years of experience and can help with: 

  • Designing, establishing and setting up a legal structure suitable to your organisation or new activities at your organisation.

  • Adapting or cleaning up a legal structure if, for example, it has become obsolete or no longer encompasses all the legal entities. 

  • Designing, establishing and setting up a cooperation structure in public- private partnerships, for example.

  • Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or other legal and governance structures in the public sector.

  • Supervising these processes and the stakeholder dialogues that go with them, to ensure that the new structuring or governance can count on support.

How can we help you? 

PwC can help you with structuring and governance issues in the public sector. Our specialists often work together in multi-disciplinary teams to create a legal and/or governance structure that suits your organisation, activities or partnership. We can take on all the legal activities involved, supplemented where necessary, of course, with the knowledge of relevant colleagues of additional tax or financial issues. 

Our team distinguishes itself by applying technical skills with a good dose of sector knowledge. In this way, we devise proposals and services that suit your organisation and the public sector. We advise from strategy to execution and can prepare all the necessary legal documentation.

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