Procurement law

Tenders for realising your ambition and reaching policy goals 

The preparation, organisation and execution of a tender procedure requires cooperation. Substantive knowledge and expertise must be combined with knowledge of tactical buying and procurement law. Whether the procurement is made to comply with obligations stemming from the Dutch Environmental and Zoning Act, for which input is required from technical and legal zoning specialists, or whether it concerns IT requests for proposals, for which the input of functional application managers and information managers is necessary. Strategic choices must be translated into concrete actions. Sustainable and circular ambitions and policy goals must be translated into requests for proposals.

Efficient tender procedures 

We provide assistance to provinces, municipalities, housing corporations, independent executive agencies and utility providers with procurement questions. We know the political and executive landscape in which contracting authorities and entities operate. We are able to create broad support and internal and external engagement during the tender procedures we guide and assist. Proper public stewardship is essential. 

Our approach: legitimate, efficient and sustainable 

We assist you in carrying out tender procedures and provide answers to questions such as: ‘do we qualify as a contracting authority?’, ‘what is the optimal tender procedure?’ and ‘how do we carry out the tender procedure in the most efficient manner?’ In conclusion: we provide advice from strategy to implementation. 

How can we help you? 

Our legal experts combine expertise of procurement law with current knowledge of specific applicable laws and regulations. We will assist you in deciding on the right procurement procedure and provide guidance during the preparation and execution of the tender procedure. Our strong suit? We assess your need, bring available knowledge and expertise within your organisation together, create internal and external support and provide for a proper start and execution of the tender procedure within the legal framework and applicable deadlines. Key in the provision of our tender support services is co-creation. 

  • Advising on the legal implications of a procurement procedure 

  • Drafting tender documents 

  • Providing guidance in tender procedures 

  • Advising on specific procurement laws and regulations 

  • Updating procurement policy to connect to policy goals and initiatives.

Examples of how PwC assists clients 

We are a participant in an international network of procurement specialists, and also assist in cross-border, European or other international, tender procedures. 

  • Cooperation with European TSOs

Providing advice to prominent European transition system operators (TSO) regarding questions of procurement law within the scope of joint operations with other European TSOs.

  • Housing corporations and sustainability 

Creating procurement policy and internal protocols with respect to the ambition and strategy of several housing corporations in the field of sustainability.

  • European restricted tender 

Contracting a Dutch healthcare provider as an executive agency. 

  • Assistance on international tenders 

Assistance in several international tenders for Capacity Development Programmes, Technical Assistance and Research & Development under the EU Financial Regulations.

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