Future of health

Transforming (digitally) within complex and changing legal frameworks

The Healthcare & Life Sciences sector is complicated. There are many laws and regulations governing healthcare innovations and it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract staff and capital. In addition, the Dutch government is increasingly introducing new regulations to control costs and prevent the incorrect use of (diminishing) public resources. We can perpetuate healthcare with the help of digital solutions. A healthcare organisation without technology is almost unimaginable when one thinks about healthcare of the future. How can you (digitally) transform within complex and changing legal frameworks?

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Innovating together in the health ecosystem of the future

The Dutch health ecosystem is about to embark on a digital transformation. To make the transformation to appropriate - and digital - care, providers, new entrants from the Life Sciences sector (medical technology, biotechnology, and pharma) and financiers (health insurers and private equity) will have to work together. The health ecosystem of the future is based on (regional) cooperation. New (digital) healthcare initiatives are being developed based on this collaboration that contribute to healthcare innovation at various levels.

  1. Healthcare consumer: higher quality of life. From care to health.

  2. Employees: more job satisfaction. From care to attention. 

  3. Organisation: curb costs and a more productive workforce with improved quality of care. Quality as medicine.

How can we help you?

PwC Legal understands the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector. We stimulate technological innovations in healthcare within complex and continuously evolving legal frameworks. In everything we do, we want to improve healthcare in the future, keep it affordable and accessible: better healthcare at lower social costs.

We can help you with questions such as:

  • How can I legally and technically disclose medical data from different EHR systems for scientific research?

  • Does my application qualify as a medical device that requires a CE marking?

  • Can I collaborate in the field of medical research and data in view of the relevant competitive frameworks in healthcare? And how do I shape such a collaboration?

  • What alternative forms of financing are there for my new treatment method outside the existing package criteria of the various system laws?

  • How do I set up my venture capital fund?

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Governance

  • Collaborations in healthcare

  • Access to medical devices and medicines

  • Venture capital & M&A

  • Intellectual property

  • Medical data & privacy

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