Bankruptcy fraud

Bankruptcy fraud is a persistent and fast-growing form of economic crime. The damage is increasing, the chance of being caught is small and fraudsters are becoming more resourceful in covering up their traces. This increases the chance that a company will be directly or indirectly affected by it. The legislator has tightened and expanded the anti-fraud measures in the bankruptcy legislation. For example, the bankruptcy duty to provide information has been extended, the prison sentences have been increased, the receiver has a fraud-detecting task and a legal obligation to report suspected fraud to the examining magistrate.

As a trustee in bankruptcy or as a person involved / victim, you want to know what caused the bankruptcy and whether there was a case of bankruptcy fraud.

This is how we can help you

We help you with conducting financial research. We know the signals of bankruptcy fraud and make them transparent on the basis of the available financial information.

In addition, we not only conduct research in the financial administration, but also speak with (former) employees of the company, members of the management team and other stakeholders. This is to gain more insight into the events that led to the bankruptcy.

The CalCurator

We have developed the "Calcurator" especially for liquidators. With the help of this tool, the administration of a bankrupt company can be easily analyzed, revealing irregularities and / or signals for bankruptcy fraud.

The liquidator can perform this analysis himself. If you want more information about the CalCurator, please contact the contact persons mentioned on below.

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The CalCurator

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