Fact finding Investigations

A specific incident has occurred in your company. But who were involved, what exactly happened and what was the situation? You want clear and reliable answers as quickly as possible. We can help you with an objective and careful investigation into circumstances

Unpleasant surprise

A construction project is considerably more expensive than budgeted. The results of a division are disappointing. Someone in your organization has leaked confidential formation. These are just a few possible examples. You hope it never happens to you, but it occurs in all branches. When it happens, you want clarity as quickly as possible.

This is how we can help you

Our core business consists of finding the truth. In order to find this truth, we speak with internal and external stakeholders and review and analyze relevant information. You can think of different types of internal and external information from closed and open sources. We thereby use modern computer analysis techniques.

We report the results of our work clearly and factually.

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Christine Manders

Christine Manders

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Michel Veldhuis

Michel Veldhuis

Senior Manager, PwC Netherlands

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Sofie Wulp

Director, PwC Netherlands

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