Financial Crime

One out of three organizations report that they have been hit by economic crime. All too often fraud is discovered too late. Sometimes the damage is irreversible. This is because fraud does more than affecting the company’s results. The damage to its reputation, the confidence of shareholders and the morale of employees - not to mention the costs of enforcement and litigation - can be considerable and lasting. Compliance programs, internal controls and traditional risk management are essential, but they can be bypassed and can only be partially used to prevent fraud. What is needed is an advanced, flexible approach that reflects your culture, needs and problems. Ideally, internal and external fraud must be combated before it can manifest itself. But if an incident or allegation has already come to light, then you must respond appropriately, that is, detect the facts quickly and accurately and, where possible, repair damage effectively.

A range of questions must be answered:

  • What is the size?
  • Who were involved?
  • Do you have to suspend or dismiss those involved?
  • Can you recover (part of) the damage?
  • Do you need to safeguard your digital data?
  • How, when and to what extent do you need to inform the regulators?
  • Do you call in the police or do you handle it yourself?
  • How do you limit the damage to your reputation?
  • How do you inform employees and third parties?
  • What can you do to prevent a recurrence?

From the boardroom to the courtroom, we are on your side. Our network of anti-fraud professionals includes, forensic accountants, lawyers, certified fraud examiners, former regulatory and law enforcement officers, economists, criminologists and computer forensic and corporate intelligence specialists.

This is how we can help you

PwC's Forensic Services provides technology, regulatory and research experience to combat the increasingly complex financial threats.

We work with you to address your anti-fraud challenges through:

  • Conducting fraud investigations;
  • Computer forensics and eDiscovery;
  • Monitoring and mapping of fraud risks and fraud controls;
  • Performing in-depth (anti-fraud) data analyzes;
  • Conducting research in open sources.

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