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Protect your intellectual property

Intellectual property is intrinsically linked to business value. In our modern knowledge economy, knowing how to make or do something is sometimes more valuable than the product or service itself. Your innovations, results of R&D, patents, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property must therefore be carefully protected against unauthorized use.

But software, patents and other intellectual property can be difficult to measure, protect and fully exploit. The challenges become greater when you enter into IP deals - joint ventures, licenses, distribution and other strategic alliances - that entail hidden risks, such as counterparty failure to comply with agreements, failure to fully declare revenue or having to conduct lawsuits.

Here is the dilemma: although your business model and the competitive field in which you do business may potentially "oblige" you to enter into strategic IP deals, you run a constant risk that the benefits of such deals may never be realized. That is why intellectual property contracts require a great deal of attention to detail, at every stage - from strategy and valuation, to negotiation and implementation, to compliance and monitoring.

Trust-based agreement

When trust is at stake, objectivity, experience and insight can make the difference. Regardless of your industry or geographic profile, a strategic approach and a forensic attitude, your IP and contractual relationships may increase in value so that they deliver the results that you seek.

This is how we can help you

Our specialists have the (also local) knowledge and experience to help you protect your interests and realize the full value of your contracts, regardless of where or how you do business. The services that we provide in this context include:

  • Conducting compliance inspections / contract compliance investigations;
  • License management and contract compliance;
  • Providing strategic IP advice;
  • Providing quantitative analyzes and expert witness statements in the event of royalty disputes.

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