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Unlocking value, growth and profitability

Companies and procurement leads are facing major challenges due to increased complexity, volatility and uncertainty. We help our clients develop best-in-class procurement capabilities by transforming the way to create value through procurement.

We do this by realizing competitive advantage through digitalization, creating data-driven insights supported by a fit for the future operating model, simplified processes and a digitally savvy workforce to fuel performance. Our transformation approach includes an end-to-end perspective, ensuring that both business and procurement objectives are met.

Explore our PwC’s CFO – CPO Procurement Perspective Survey which provides insight into the thinking of procurement and finance leaders and explores top of mind procurement issues and opportunities for companies today.

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Why improve procurement?

The increasing complexibility and impact of disruptive events, underscore the tremendous challenges for the procurement leader. Organisations are seeking greater flexibility and adaptability. Procurement does have to reshape and reinvent itself and leaders are forced to revisit the capabilities they need to succeed.

Key questions to consider:

  1. How do you deliver value beyond sustainable cost reduction?
  2. What’s your optimal operating model for your procurement function?
  3. How do you leverage the power of data to bring value in new ways?
  4. Do you have a risk management framework in place to identify and manage supplier risks?

Thinking strategically about cost

Having a clear, forward-thinking cost management strategy aligned with the business is a critical element of becoming a successful procurement organization. Effective cost management is sustained through effective strategic procurement excellence, which examines the strategy, process and infrastructure which leads to an increase in profitability and value.

We use a structured approach to Find, Get and Keep savings. By creating transparency, we identify areas of underperformance and with our hypothesis-driven approach we convert the ideas into clear cost reduction initiatives. To create transparency and ensure an efficient way of working we use a broad range of solutions to power procurement through digital and analytics. 

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Maturity assessment

Assess your current procurement maturity

How do you compare against best practices in the areas of:

  • Managing third party spend
  • Effectiveness of working with supply chain
  • Procurement operating model

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Fit for future procurement

We see digital transformation as a key enabler for a more effective and efficient procurement function. 

We support our clients in defining and implementing a future proof operating model for procurement enabled by the right capabilities and the right technology. A clear procurement strategy is the fundamental, on which our enabling components -including organization, governance, processes, data and technology- are built. In co-creation we define your transformation roadmap. 

Our vision and roadmap cover the relevant technologies and business solutions. We advise you in determining the best fit solutions and support you through the entire procurement journey.  This includes design and implementation of the fit for future enabling components and capabilities to deliver next level performance. While we are technology agnostic, we have partnerships with the leading digital procurement solutions providers to provide you with in-depth expertise. 

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Know your supplier

Organisations are exposed to many third party risks including supplier risk. These supplier risks can be severe and include continuity, financial performance, compliance, CSR, reputation risk. Supplier risk management is therefore not an extra but a ‘must have’.

Our Know your supplier solution is a robust framework that assists in supplier risk assessment and monitoring of suppliers and is supported by the right digital tooling.

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Your procurement journey with PwC 

With leading practices through digital tools and an end-to-end view of transformation in mind we can help you to develop a best in class procurement function. 

Our procurement transformation team has experience across all aspects of the procurement process—from strategy to implementation and can help you with any stage of your journey including:

Vision & strategy 

  • Maturity assessment procurement function (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Transformation business case
  • Strategy statement and vision
  • Digital strategy 
  • Business and technology roadmaps

Value improvement

  • Spend analytics 
  • Categorization of spend data  
  • Opportunity assessment (support Subject Matter Experts)
  • Strategic sourcing 
  • Value tracking
  • Should cost modelling

Category management

  • Segmentation and spend analysis 
  • Category management framework to outline approach and strategy 
  • Category management tool 
  • In-dept expertise subject matter experts
  • Predictive market and supplier analysis

Contract & supplier management

  • Best practice contract management processes
  • Lean contracting and contract A.I. 
  • Supplier relationship and performance management 
  • Supplier co-creation and innovation
  • 360 view procurement and supplier engagement lifecycle 
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting

Risk management & CSR

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management framework to outline approach and strategy
  • Supply chain and third-party risk management
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Sustainability assessment, strategy and roadmap 
  • Sustainability tracking

Organization & capabilities 

  • Operating model design
  • Maturity assessment and feasibility study 
  • Data driven and evidence based operating model design
  • Skills assessment and employee and organizational capability development
  • Workforce management and optimization
  • Transfer pricing 
  • Shared service center

Digital processes & tools

  • Business-led technology transformation of procurement function 
  • Data cleanup, creation, and migration strategy and execution
  • End-to-end systems and process integration 
  • Solution implementation
  • Partnerships with the leading solution providers and relevant point solutions.

Why clients choose PwC procurement

Leading procurement practice

  • Leading position within procurement consulting
  • Proven methodologies, tools, templates and example deliverables to accelerate 
  • Diverse skills and specialties built through decades of experience

Data analytics and technology

  • Extensive solutions to power procurement through technology and analytics
  • Implementations by leading practices and processes optimizations 
  • Collaborative and trusted partnerships with industry-leading solution providers
  • Continuous research of innovative solution providers to partner with

Global reach & experienced team

  • + 1,400 procurement consultants, combining procurement expertise, digital skills and sector knowledge
  • Standard methodologies and true global presence 
  • Digital Operations Impact Centers, sourcing hubs and delivery centers

Proven track record and sustained results

  • Successful track record; on average we deliver more than a 10 to 1 ROI 
  • Deep understanding of complex change programs, people-centric approach
  • Experience from planning to realization of sustainable and lasting benefits

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